Saturday, August 25, 2007

Scandalmongers & Hobgoblins

IMO the underlying reason why we aren't currently living happily ever after in the USA (and really never have, or since well before the Bushwhacker Empire) is because the (currently) dominant media is ruled by small-minded scandalmongers. That is, there are at least many thousands if not millions of people CAPABLE of running this country (properly), but are self-disqualified due to their less-than-perfect pasts (or presents). Same is true in Britain and the world over. I believe even if someone is addicted to a reasonably mild drug like pot or alcohol, as long as they can demonstrate extraordinary functionality on the job, they should have equal opportunity at leadership. And it's the persnickety fusspot mentality (which is really only a mask for their jealous nothingness and/or vile, irrational hatred) that plays very strongly in all conspiracies/secret government, as I see it. Distractions are everything.

However, at least as a head of state, moderation is definitely the key; if any usage at all. That job simply requires too much thinking, acting, communicating to be stoned or tanked to any significant degree... Too bad Bush is (apparently) an alcoholic (again). I don't think he's demonstrating extraordinary functionality. True enough, with or without the booze, Bush is just wacko city. Here's something I wrote Christmas, '02 (slightly edited) about the Lewinsky nonsense:

To be sure, Clinton would have received a lot of flack for handling the issue the way I would've. He would've been called monstrously arrogant by the media, his political enemies and probably many or even most of his "allies." But I guarantee after some initial huffing and puffing, the whole thing would have blown over and he would have avoided the (toothless anyway) impeachment process. Instead of the infamous finger-waving speech (lie) he made, here is basically what he should have said:

"This matter can be summed up in one word. Actually, it's not a real word, but the word is NUNYA. Nunya bidness. What happens in my private life is something strictly among myself, my wife and daughter and my Maker and NO ONE else. There is absolutely no relation between my job performance and my personal life. I don't use drugs or drink to excess and I stay in good mental, emotional and spiritual condition. End of story. Questions? Comments?"

Anyhoot, peace out. (8-25)

Here are a recent couple of posts of mine (Lightworth) on (ATS). It was on one of those wacky threads about Satan versus Lucifer versus God and the like:

At the risk of being considered a troller, I can't hold my tongue any longer and have to state what I'm convinced will be proven historically correct: All language other than the strictly scientific kind regarding intelligent nonhumans will be formally deemed ignorant superstition and universally taught as such thenceforth at some point. That means terms like Satan, Lucifer, angels and demons will be no different from hobgoblins, werewolves, fairies, the Easter Bunny and, say, talking marshmallows. Reality will dictate that there are only (intelligent) humans and nonhumans and no one else. All species will be referred to by, if not their personal names, their scientific classification (like homo sapiens) or regular species names (like humans) only. And it's the collective psychoses such as the religious ones that are preventing such progress.

I include the dreadful G (or g) word among notions like hobgoblins and talking marshmallows. Everything is science, not "magic," regardless of our lack of specific terminology as yet. All intelligent species - or all who are able to associate openly with each other - have equal rights to all knowledge. (10-9)

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