Friday, October 12, 2007


Either George W. Bush is a homo (or bi), or it's all a disinformation/distraction campaign. If the latter, it's a damn good one. If the title I chose for this entry proves to be even half wrong, I'll gladly eat a smoragasbord of my words. It all hinges on the reports of the identity of one Jeff Gannon (real surname Guckert, who supposedly is also a prostitute) and the apparent "midnight callboys at the White House," which also apparently occurred during Bush Sr.'s term.

How much truth is there to the Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones accounts/editorials? Richard Nixon was reportedly heard characterizing the Grove as "the faggiest goddamn thing I've ever seen." The following paragraph was another recent ATS post:

Beware the closeted gay or bi male conservative politician above all others!! Be more suspicious and afraid of them than if Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer (if they were alive) both were approaching your young child on the street. If it's true that Bush is gay, the psychology behind his sociopathic actions is so screamingly obvious, yet no one dares bring it up: He's simply a compensating macho bully. He's internalized the popular stereotype of the rugged hetero man as being the only valid one, therefore he has to act a lot "tougher," except it translates to his being only the psycho Hitler-Caligula type... (end post)

Bush's (very apparent) sexuality influences his job performance. Clinton's tomcatting didn't. Case basically closed.

Gay or not, Bush believes he was appointed by God to invade Iraq, and it's obvious the same twisted zeal was involved in his at least allowing 9/11 to happen. It's mind-boggling (to me) how that's the most ignored crucial story of our time. It's all in a Bob Woodward book based on his interviews... In a worst, most unimaginable case, even if ol' Dubya is actually in (conscious) contact with a powerful alien, what reason do we have to believe it's the right type for our well-being; based on the results of the neocon policies? (10-12)

Actually there is another angle to the gay story that's seemingly more likely. The above description of his being only a compensator assumes he's more in control of the biggest decisions and executive orders than he probably is. Let's face it, he's rather obviously far from the brightest bulb on the tree. It seems more likely that someone has simply blackmailed Bush (with threats of exposure/"scandal") into being a cheerleader/enforcer for their agenda; however willing and adept (enough) he is at his job. He's probably every bit as much a figurehead as Ahmadinejad. (10-15)

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