Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moral Intelligence

There's a difference between morality and moral intelligence. I believe the majority of human beings (though not sure how large a majority) are morally good enough overall - understanding that no one is perfect. Apparently most people have sufficient morality, which essentially means proper enough adherence to the "do unto others..." rule, not doing, or sometimes saying, anything excessively pathological to anyone else. However, it appears a majority here (at least now) also sorely lack moral intelligence at the same time. Moral intelligence means the political-governmental policies and laws, of which now are very secrecy-based, that are permitted by the (apparent) majority in any given nation. Excessive pathology is as it does and is allowed. The proof and results are basically everywhere every day. Most people are concerned only with morality in their own lives, not with the evil in their "leadership" to which they blindly and passively acquiesce since time immemorial.

The at least primary cause of lack of moral intelligence is the valuing of beliefs over truthful, objective reality. The most emotionally-psychologically healthy and mature people are the ones who are honest and humble enough to reject mere beliefs and have the desire for (objective-by-definition) truths/facts. Such desire is a spiritual place apart from the extreme, beliefs-based (religious and political) system of today of which only those who are already in that place can truly understand... or fathom at all. Words can't really describe it. We need more people who not only don't claim to know anything that isn't very solidly proved, but who also don't believe, or strongly enough, in pretty much anything established as the "norm" in the currently entirely too insane, secrecy-based political setting. These people alone are the only ones who are reasonably unbiased and stable enough. Of course it's not possible for any intelligent being to be utterly without beliefs and bias, but there is a level of collective consciousness that has no part of rule by the plainly too irrational, pathological.

We need people who are honest and kind enough lovers of freedom and nature. Forsaking beliefs and desiring facts allows cooler, calmer heads to make the better decisions and take the right actions. Conversely, political and religious beliefs, effectively by definition in that which is less than foolproof, airtight, ironclad etc., are what fuel the massive insecurities of out-of-control egos and fears that wreak basically all havoc in the world as we've known it. The fallacy of blind faith doesn't apply strictly to the traditionally religious.

I'm certain moral intelligence is nurture, not nature. With the right policies/laws and education, folks can finally get their... stuff... together. There's no reason to assume otherwise.

The "civilization" on this rock, at least as we now know it, needs some kind of official No Confidence vote.

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