Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Prove you're human."

This is the first entry on my new (additional) blog site

In my searching for a post-MySpace free blog (for the more serious entries), the best-named and perhaps most popular one is, but I came upon an unfotunately familiar stonewalling. In the registration there's the imperative "Prove you're human." (ATS) has the same nonsense in their registration, and I raised an objection about it when I signed up there almost a year ago (name Lightworth). You see, my particular history of unexplained experiences factored with my unusual personality give me strong enough reason to believe I might not be 100% human. Since I've grown spiritually and intellectually quite a bit in the last year or so, and have less desire to freak out the most blatantly xenophobic weenies these days, I decided not to even fuck with it on LiveJournal.

(Thank you for the lack of such lunacy in your registration, though let's face it, your features aren't exactly stellar... But who's complaining when it's free? It's hard to top MySpace in the free blog concept).

I then tried the girly-or-kid-sounding, but never got the activation/confirmation e-mail as promised. (Yes, I'm plenty secure enough in my masculinity and heterosexuality to have a such-named blog host). When I went back there I was unable to login with my (accepted) user name (lightworth), and of course when I tried to register with that name again, it said it's already taken. Wtf?!

There is, if not an organized conspiracy, a web-based formidably opposing mindset to freethinkers, true iconoclasts up to and including actual nonhumans, if we're really as such. Since known history has always been infested with such frightened/frightful darklings, there's no reason to believe it would be any different, that they wouldn't have their crafty little tricks, in the (hopefully early) Internet age. Pathetic beyond description.

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