Sunday, June 22, 2008

Founding Fathers & Mothers

The founding fathers, being pre-industrial, had an inexpressably more utopian vision of the US than the corporatocracy we've become. That's not to say they wouldn't support any industry, but I highly doubt they'd go for the all-out (secrecy-based) Amokland, Earth-devouring hypercapitalism of today. And (at least) most or the best of them wouldn't support the existence of a National Security State (NSS).

We need to move as close to their vision of this country as we can. I refer to my third entry The Eternal Science Party of the USA; which refers necessarily to the first. No NSS means scientific advancement. Jefferson in particular would finally quit turning in his grave.

To me the notion is rather insulting that Jeffersonian-democratic principles couldn't possibly apply to the unseen realm. Such principles would easily be a or the hallmark of a truly advanced species. What use is there in the notion of some kind of single, iron-fisted ruler like Saddam Hussein or the Bushwhacker (or whoever controls him)? We need real founding fathers and mothers.

To correct a statement on the 9/11 entry, I don't have any reason to believe any nonhumans were involved in the destructive aspect of 9/11. See most recent activity on previously-mentioned discussion sites. (6/22)

As a theory based only on a hunch (thereby admitting I could be wrong) I'll say the invisible ones were the good guys making as much general noise as possible in order to warn that something very, very wrong is going on. It fits in with my strong sense that there's a real Prime Directive concerning the Earthbound (based on my unexplained experiences). The (construction-sounding) noises weren't too overt intervention; considering the time it's taken to address them in detail. (6/24)

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