Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The blog has been therapeutic for me. True, I'm the type who keeps his most personal writings private (though they're intended to be publicized as soon as truly possible), but I can also have a good publicized therapy session. This is certainly the best example so far:

I've been unintentionally hiding that I know for a fact that one of 2 (at least currently) unexplained phenomena is real: reincarnation or implanted memories of someone from the past. Perhaps both are real, but I know my dad's experience in Vicksburg, MS in '64 (over a year before my birth) can't be explained by anything other than one of those 2.

He and mom, while he was stationed at Barksdale AFB (LA, and mom's home town being Shreveport), took a road trip to Vicksburg to visit the Civil War memorial of the Union post of General Grant, and, holy shit, he knew where everything was before they arrived there. He knew the locations of such-and-such battalions and regiments before they drove up to each marker that confirmed them! (He's from Idaho and had never been basically anywhere in the South).

It's been a very long time since dad told that story, and it hasn't been discussed more than 2 or 3 times, but I remember the real emotion of it and have no reason to believe he, with mom as his accomplice, was lying.

Dad isn't the type with whom one would expect to discuss reincarnation. (And I'm rightly or wrongly going with that as the most likely explanation). He's your basic conservative, prosaic cornball-ish type, whereas I'm in contrast the fiercely progressive idealist. (Or that's the shortest version. People are more complex than one sentence can relate). My parents/family are on a different wavelength than I... Point is if a fairly ordinary slob like dad can be reincarnated (assuming applicability), I feel very certain the vast majority of, if not all, human beings has a soul.

What would suck the most would be to learn that all "reincarnation" experiences are nothing more than high tech trickery of memory implanting... just in case we need to prepare for the worst news. Or there would need to be a (plainly, openly) beneficial existence of such conduits for those from the past (and future?)... Hopefully I shouldn't title this entry with a question mark.

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