Sunday, November 2, 2008


I've really been needing to come clean about the one (recurrently unexplained) experience of my life; of the most classically unexplained. The last time it happened was with a particularly artistic flourish.

The first time was September, '91. I awoke to find my bedspread and sheet placed very neatly, too neatly in reverse. I have no history of sleepwalking, and even if I did, there's no way I could've accomplished that precision a maneuver by myself. It's clearly a missing time experience.

The second time was April, '94, and in the late '90s, in the apartment I've lived in since '95, it happened once or twice. In the first week of October, '00, when I was feeling suicidally depressed, it happened twice. I then felt much better.

The second-to-last time was September, '05, right after I had my tooth extracted; and felt a bit bummed about having my parents pay for it. It was at or around the time I heard Camper van Beethoven's Hippy Chix (from New Roman Times); which mentions nonhumans/grays in a positive way. I received another emotional boost.

Last time was September, '07, when I and however many others were under the impression that my job would be ending, providing, or primarily, a belated effect of a salvation-of-sorts by my not losing employment after all; and a sense of not worrying about it one way or the other in the meantime. (I found out on October 1 that my October 5 deadline for departure was for naught after all. The experience was on or around 9/13). This time the bedspread and sheet were folded differently. It was an incredibly origami-like layered effect. Had to pull on it differently, but with not too much effort, to place it normally over me. It represented a type of perfection knowledge.

I've darn good reason to believe, in the most scientific way, that I've a guardian angel, or most scientifically, a guardian being. If said beings turn out to be human, they're effectively nonhuman; with far-from-disclosed technologies and methodologies. Whatever the case, I have faith in the inevitable day when adults can act as such by telling the truth. Devolution can't last forever. Illusions are inevitably exposed.

I find the September factor in the last 2 and first experiences very interesting, especially since I'm a strong advocate for truth (in the form of a real investigation) concerning a massive crime committed during that month awhile back.

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