Saturday, September 19, 2009

God Defined

Am going way out on a limb with a rather courageous prediction. I only hope, if I'm not around to find out whether I'm right or wrong, that this writing will somehow be able to prove to be an accurate prediction if I'm right. Here it is: Someday it will be known as common sense/knowledge that God is everything that sociologically exists and, moreover, everything, yes, everything that is permitted by the politically-philosophically dominant portion of humanity to exist, and absolutely not anyone who or anything that is merely believed in or wished for.

True, I (still) don't use the slave race G word (upper and lower case), and never will (not counting colloquially like "goddamn"). The word should always be used in quotation marks, and it's very tempting for me to do so here, but I'm avoiding the temptation in order to better accentuate my point.

Again, only actions, including inactions, speak. Forget the "louder than words" understatement. Worship is as worship does, as evidenced by everything a planetary society most tangibly has to show for itself. Even the staunchest atheists (by the traditional definition) can be the most religious people there are. As I see it, there are 3 basic areas of that which constitutes God: the living, the non-living, and that hard-to-define area between the living and non-living. This obviously pertains only to the world as we know it.

The living representation of God is every morally mediocre-at-best person on the planet. That means everyone from the scum of the Earth to the no better than morally weak enough, but not altogether horrible or excessively pathological or pathocratic. There are laws, rules and customs everywhere on the planet designed specifically, above all else, not to offend or frighten the lowest of the low. This is proof positive of what the living God in the here-and-now really is. It's quite collective, not singular. That's not saying those who have an impressive enough level of moral fortitude can't be loved and appreciated. They/we just don't have any power or significant sociopolitical influence.

The non-living representation of God is money. Period. Or in the least, this aspect of God equals a huge portion, if not the entirety, of the monetary system as we know it. There have been more than enough examples of corrupt money-related actions/activities that speak not only volumes, but entire libraries (plural).

The final representation of God are the political-governmental institutions that control everything. Like the living aspect, the organizations are comprised of (living-by-definition) people, but there's something about officialdom as we know it, with its stricter rules and more powerful groupthink, that gives it a more machine or cyborg-like quality that also reflects something of the non-living, as I see it. In the US the National "Security" State is God. Rule by secrecy in general is God.

This isn't a comprehensive list of what God, to the extent the concept has any validity, really is, but it's a good enough general idea.

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