Saturday, August 25, 2007

Breakthrough If You Want It

Welcome to the most important and fascinating time in human history. What's now unfolding is (at least essentially) the product of the unseen realm. This is about the necessity of our reaching out to it/them.
There's no rational reason to fear the new world of knowledge and real power - empowerment for everyone. Faith, love and courage can and will vanquish the dark component of the unknown. We are the sum of the energy we allow. And the time has come for changes; new energy.
Perhaps the greatest quote of all time is by Bertrand Russell: What we need is not the will to believe, but the will to find out. I would add that there needs to be a strong motivation in even bothering learning the real Truth in the first place, and said motivation is ecological Preservation; or primarily so. All additional justice and sanity is equally welcome, of course… The closest to absolute Truth anyone can claim in this paradigm is the substantial desire for and unbiased pursuit of it. Those who are prepared for a blow to the ego and expect the unexpected are of the purest purpose and healthiest psyche. Only a new (to us) moral/spiritual direction unassociated with organized religions - yet encompassing of their most truly important points - will produce any significant improvement.
Why should one believe it impossible to have an interstellar or interdimensional reputation as a bad neighborhood (solar system)? What good is there in being known as a failed species that self-destructed?
Preservation of our ecosystem is the right course of action because it will reveal Truth and real solutions, even if it proves that it's somehow acceptable to pollute and deplete the planet to death. Either way, action toward the goal of Preservation will yield the correct result. We simply need the Purification. It's right to fulfill enlightened prophecy; not to be confused with things like antichrists. If there's a civilized way to reduce human population and/or otherwise avoid an over-industrialized hell, is it not the duty of the sufficiently enlightened to pursue it? And how should Armageddon be anything other than a sick fantasy?
The present cowardly political system of monolithic rule by secrecy at least effectively doesn't have a moral or logical leg on which to stand; primarily because of the ecological crisis and human population explosion.

Organized or named religions, more than anything else, are what are behind the ignorance of desperately-needed science, progress - anything that even might prevent us from destroying ourselves, other species, Nature. I believe, rightly or wrongly, that the recently heightened police/terror state is none other than monotheism's desperate last gasp. They very much appear to be trying to induce Armageddon. Osama bin Bush and George bush Laden seem to be at least unconsciously on the same monotheistic, ultimately Satanic, if you will (and wittingly or not), side, and they might be actively in cahoots... Whatever the case, revelations of government secrets – and all concurrent treachery – will result in the truest enlightenment of our known history.
Buddhism is the only major religion that's most compatible with intelligent nonhuman beings - plural! - or it's the most enlightened one because it rejects the word god/God - the word responsible for more horror and misery than any other. It's the ultimate slave race word. If anything other than their personal or species names, we must refer to them simply as visitors or, at most, guides.
I realize the lack of the word god creates confusion, for example, in the Spanish adios. Not being a reactionarily politically correct, heartless drone, I'd support a gradual weaning off that word; eventually using… whatever they'd use. Hopefully Spanish-speaking people will say adios - as well as the French adieu - only as an expression of true finality like at a funeral... or when it's certain that people won't see one another for a long time. And I've no problem with our own expressions like godspeed, godforsaken, goddammit, godawful, God knows etc. Ultimately the word God is fine if it's synonymous with the greater healing Force or (plural) unseen realm. Changing the word doesn't change the presence.
On changing the world as we know it, the best justice is done with as much forgiveness as possible. Why punish when the logical way is to solve problems and move on? All of us, in various degrees and ways, know not what we do. We're the sum of what we're permitted to learn and, moreover, what we permit ourselves to learn. Everyone wants tabula raza (clean slate). Who says we can't go for it on our own? What use is there in waiting around for some "God" to give us permission?
I believe the most realistic way to expose and neutralize the National Security state - the real government - is through amnesty in exchange for revelations. War criminals and others will be punished enough by their reputation and isolation, if they don't commit suicide first... or are put down like rabid dogs if truly necessary.
I'm not one who positively knows the Truth, just one who's more serious about revealing it than most. I admit I'm ultimately a gambler on the ecological question. The method to my "madness" is to reach Truth even if it proves to be very different from what I now believe. Perhaps pursuing Preservation will prove futile, unnecessary. Perhaps there's at least one fresh, clean, biodiverse planet out there just waiting for us, and the trashing of this one is, as grotesque as it seems, itself natural and no big deal. I wouldn't bet on that, though. Unless proven otherwise, it's right to assume our home is worth protecting at whatever necessary cost - whatever truly will work.

I believe the (right) visitors are real and are waiting for us to reach out to them, and I'd wager the biggest I'm right. I believe their secrecy is so they can avoid the appearance of invading and conquering us. It's our world and no one else's, but that doesn't mean we have the right to further damage our host. And we ordinary people need to take the initiative and at least try to save the planet.
The objective, we must remember, is to find real Truth regardless of what we want to hear. Real growth can't happen otherwise, and growth is now unquestionably necessary. The inevitably tremendous changes to come may not be the ultimate battle of good and evil; but simply a transition from one version of Nature to another that may (or may not) be cyclical... If so I hope and believe, of course, that if one paradigm (since recorded history) is to receive the minority, shorter time frame, it's this one.
We need collective prayer/meditation toward initiating contact with the right visitors. It's all about focusing on, connecting with the higher, unseen realm as often as possible with as many people as possible. It's about becoming the future we desire.
The beauty of this focus is that one doesn't have to believe in "ET" to participate. One need only desire truth, love, peace, environmental protection, freedom, justice, humor, joy etc. and be open to the possibility of the visitors being real. Simply pray for/meditate on the Purification of Earth, the liberation of mankind; healing energy in general. The recent decline of America into a (still) crypto-fascist, de facto monarchy ought to set off enough alarms by now.
There really are no words to adequately describe will, prayer. Focus on no fear with a calm, unbiased desire for objective truth and feeling the joy of creating something good. The more who participate, and the more time spent in prayer/meditation, the better the chances will be for an effective outcome. It seems probable that it won't take days, weeks or months to accomplish Contact, but possibly years... though the sooner the better, unless the Main Event is supposed to happen a little later. Patience and faith are tantamount.
The essence of this operation is to visualize the inevitable future by effectively stepping outside of time. The American Revolutionary War wasn't won by superior brute force or technology. It was won because the higher ideal is always invincible. No force of evil stands a chance against evolution of consciousness… And the real meaning of anarchy has nothing to do with chaos.
Whatever the result is, it's a win-win situation. In the very least, we will initiate some form of higher contact, if only among ourselves, which is where it all begins anyway.
Unexplained experiences don't mean there's a good reason why anyone who's had them should be forced into the closet (or dungeon). Such societal imprisonment is and will be formally recognized as unfair discrimination at best and psychological torture at worst; plainly and simply. "I've done my sentence, but committed no crime."
Both the sociological world as we know it and the planet's health are in a sorry enough state to warrant all discoveries that would expand and elevate consciousness; and otherwise improve the conditions of both. We're injured enough to need major surgery. I believe Salvation will be done by a trio of precepts: First, people simply need to be real and acknowledge that everyone wants the same essential things - namely to be left alone by domestic and foreign officialdom and to enjoy the maximum possible happiness and freedom. Secondly, again, we need to think in terms of amnesty in exchange for revelations – exposing that which yields knowledge and therefore power. After all, we're basically victims of malevolent programming – a twisted Matrix; if you will. Again forgiveness - or as much of it as remotely possible - is the only logical way for those of us who pretty much know not what we do. Finally, after enough has been revealed, we need to unravel and adopt the most benign method of rescuing and regenerating the ecosystem. If that translates to mass sterilizations, that's a bitter pill we're just going to have to swallow. Or we need to develop a reliable interstellar and/or interdimensional transportation system - spacecraft and/or stargate/wormhole, I'm guessing.
Rightly or wrongly and almost certainly wrongly, I suppose it's conceivable our planet can sustain, say, 100 billion or even more people; but absolutely not as long as industry as we know it exists. There's already too much toxicity and depletion, and it will only worsen unless it's thwarted. Even if knowing the truth about close encounters and the presently-unexplained yields no solution to the ecological crisis, at least we could say we tried and we care. In the worst case we would be able to say there were enough intelligent, moral, courageous people before the extinction of humanity to not be labeled a completely failed species.
There's no known, conventional method of environmental purification that can save us in time, and it's the epitome of delusion to believe there will be such (a) mundane panacea(s) that will magically appear. Any improvement will first require our having the courage to stand up to the ruling class and demand real change. Human population isn't getting any smaller, and the big polluters and their governmental sycophants are too greedy and megalomaniacal to support a new, logical system. So it's up to us to do it for ourselves.
The answer to whether or not such a Monarch of Evil as Satan really exists and what it really is and does will be found when we're able to unravel the psychology of human evil. Religious people, in whatever degree of their religiosity, and atheists and agnostics are ultimately of the same mind. When it comes to unexplained phenomena, all are programmed for ignorance, passivity, helplessness and secrecy. Too many view the undisclosed world in the God-fearing way and, as far as I can tell, that's precisely the reason why the world is in the all-too-sad and horrible state it is.
I understand the need to have the most spiritual, intellectual and probably physical ammunition obtainable prior to Disclosure or Contact. There appear to be behind-the-scenes actions that have to happen first. The process mustn't be rushed, but it also mustn't take too much longer from now to unfold; to reveal its purpose. And perhaps the Purification is now at hand.
American politicians are the world's most ridiculous. Besides their fascist rule by secrecy, they have a particularly phony, phony, phony facade of civility. When I wrote the original draft of this entry in late June, '06, in Mexico there was a very interesting campaign underway for the July 2 election(s). They simply didn't screw around. They were no-holds-barred trashing the living crap out of each other.
I say more power to them. As long as we're forced to endure world-as-we-know-it politics, they might as well make it as interesting and entertaining as possible. Damned Americans tend to be disingenuous in the maximum creepout sense. Our politicians are as nasty as any (and really nastier due to their uber-imperialism), but they have the biggest tendency of placing the most unwarranted halos on themselves. It's most laughable.
So how do we really go about revealing the unrevealed? There are 2 levels of answers. The first is to determine what's truthful to begin with; to the best of our ability. For those with extraordinary claims, an extraordinary assurance of honesty is required. It's true there's nothing anyone can say – even something a lot stronger than a courtroom oath – that's an airtight guarantee of honesty, but there's something very close to it; in my opinion. It's this invocation:
As anyone from anywhere is my witness, and upon my speedy death by extreme physical torture if I lie or mislead, everything I state is true to the best of my perception.
To be sure, such a strong oath must only be used in court cases (in my opinion) or public statements – especially the impossible-sounding ones – and never in ordinary conversation. People need to have the freewill to lie in general… I wish we could receive such a guarantee of veracity from people like Whitley Strieber and Betty Andreassen.
The second level of truth extraction is plain old grass roots activism. Organize an anti-secrecy demonstration outside a TV station or whatever near you. Or start an e-mail and/or snail mail campaign to your government and media representatives. No one can be made to give a rat's arse about the future of humanity and Earth, but for those of us who really care, it's high time to get the ball rolling.
I believe "God" (a collective term) doesn't intervene (overtly) in human affairs because they are waiting for us to reach out to them in fact; not faith. The higher/unseen realm is simply waiting for us to show enough courage to meet them. Like Captain Kirk, they won't alter our evolution for us. (Those unfamiliar with Star Trek references might be a little lost). The Prime Directive is all about freewill; including the freedom to screw ourselves into oblivion in the most violent, horrible way(s) imaginable or unimaginable.

I admit it's conceivable that there might be a last-minute intervention of some sort, as I hope there would be.
The central problem, of course, is the incomprehensibly monolithic rule by official secrecy. Without it the (presently) dominant media would finally begin doing unbiased and thorough stories on ordinary people's lives of the unexplained. One has to get the questions sufficiently broadcasted before receiving answers. Walking before running. We're barely even crawling now. Natural evolution. Prime Directive.

Don't forget the prayer/meditation operation and to spread the Message. The Force is with us. Cheers, peace. (6-16)

I've had a change of mind. I've come to the conclusion that it's much more likely that real change will come (at least primarily) from "Acts of God" than from grass roots activism, protest. I could be wrong, it's just what I believe. It's right to be "crazy" enough to be very serious about changing the world (in the only way real change can happen), but it's very wrong to be so stupid as to do anything that even might be ignored, distorted or otherwise ineffective. Why line up a group of good people only to be targeted by neocon (or similar enough) vampires? It isn't worth such a great loss. For however much longer, I'd focus seriously on (collective and personal) meditation only; then see how the Force moves you/us. (8-3)

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