Saturday, August 25, 2007


Consciously or not, the main or real reason why many or most people are afraid of Contact with intelligent nonhumans is because it will reveal their ability to read minds.

Seen or unseen telepathy shall (soon) exist only openly among advanced civilizations. Or it mustn't exist on this planet; or for a probably very long time if ever (as far as I can tell). I submit that, in the name of freewill, no one should be taught that they're mentally connected to an unseen (or seen) presence on a constant basis. And I would or will demand that the nonhumans - or whomever or whatever of the currently-unknown is truly worth aligning with (if possible) - actually adhere to a strict policy of non-intrusion... or the strictest possible.

Prayer/meditation (when or if necessary) need not be any different than it is today. One must be able to call upon one's unseen friend, guide or presence when needing an enlightened and sympathetic ear. The vast majority of (if not all) instances of nonhuman telepathy will be, as today, in the form of amazing "coincidences" (serendipities, synchronicities). How many of us have received something out of the blue and thought, "I was just thinking about that?" Basically I'm all for the currently unseen remaining eternally as unseen as possible and necessary.

A proper foundation of laws and policies can get rid of at least the most despicable types of collective evil. Everything from gangs to militaries must go. Individuality must be strongly encouraged. There's no good or real reason to believe true unity would result in any loss of human (including hybrid) sovereignty over Earth and national sovereignty.

In a post-Contact world, I believe at most we would be looking at the end of psychopathy or extreme sociopathy if the nonhumans end up having more mind-reading ability than we want; at least to our current level of knowledge. The end of (at least) the most ghastly horrors is far too commonly mistaken for the end of freewill. There's no real reason to believe freewill will end. It's looking very much like we need to face the inescapable truth that there's no such thing as perfection anywhere. The standards must never be impossibly, deludedly unattainable; as in what's expected/believed via organized religions. I'm not convinced it's possible to eliminate evil altogether, but for all we know for certain, perhaps it is.

I'm dedicated to the cause of Contact/Purification regardless of certain pathological minds being read. We need to start thinking in terms of forgiveness, amnesty, clean slates, simply solving problems instead of punishing. To a very large extent, none of us are responsible for what we do because of our inferior/unreal genetic, environmental and apparently malevolently unseen (human and/or nonhuman) programming of irrational, unnecessary fear. No need to freak out. Just take a deep breath, exhale and feel the pathos leave your body...

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