Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oil Spills & Time Bubbles

This should be the entry above Extrication & Faith. Today is 11/20/07.

As my higher power is my witness, I'm willing to wager the 2 virtually simultaneous oil spills (in San Francisco Bay and Black Sea/Sea of Azov) very recently were no accidents or coincidences, even if it involved unseen (apparently inexpressably pathological) mind control only. Or I suppose it could have been a mundane (or at least Earthly) conspiracy involving the Chinese government... or actually whatever (apparent) global cabal that (apparently) controls all governments.

If it was of the unseen, it's conceivable that there could actually be a good outcome of/reason for such an ecologically Armageddonistic act. But being the Highest Power (if applicable); only They know or It knows what the f it is. Like anyone in this backward paradigm, one is occasionally forced to act only on intuition, and my gut tells me collective meditation toward an indescribably-needed victory for the righteous is all that matters any more. We've been hit hard! They've now officially declared war, and we've no choice but to fight them. What better weapon is there to begin with than the collective energy or energies of the will of good people?

And don't even get me started on dethroning the fucking neocons.

The only conceivable (to me or at this time) positive meaning of the oil spills is if the nonhumans can create a time bubble and clean them - suck them up into whatever device or whatever other mode of cleaning - in what would appear to us as a blink of an eye. At least in theory, any operation taking any amount of time can take place in frozen time, and time's freezing and unfreezing would appear instantaneous in our dimension. There was an old Star Trek episode about that.

I've had at least a few experiences with (very apparent) time bubbles. In other words, they weren't discernable missing time experiences (which I've also had), but that there was something different about the physical arrangement of my surroundings from one instant to the next. It's happened several times over the years. There have been a few other experiences that I'm not sure if they were missing times or time bubbles.

Even if both oil spills were pure accident and coincidence - with absolutely no outside or unseen (or otherwise secret) influence - then the question becomes: What the muthahfuck are we doing still using petrochemicals as an energy source? Anyway you look at it, only our community is on the side of sanity. And it's really time, right now, to take action. (See first entry).

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