Saturday, August 25, 2007


I believe, or definitely want to believe, that the human race will be very thoroughly, formally and unignorably Diagnosed. This will presumably come from (a) nonhuman(s), but I suppose not necessarily so. (I'm for equality among all intelligent species). What many religious people call Judgment Day (or just Judgment) will actually be Diagnoses. All the clinical terms will be used: pathos, pathological, pathocracy, pathetic, sociopathy, psychopathy, neuroses, psychoses etc.

It's difficult to enumerate all the causes of the sickly effects of what is laughably referred to today as "civilization." It's admittedly difficult to determine what one thing, if any, is more responsible than anything else for the particularly ghastly state of affairs now, but I'm willing to wager that Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) will prove to be the biggest factor. So much so that I don't even refer to them as religions any more. They're just psychoses. As Frank Zappa said, "The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own."

Apparently the vast majority of people in any given nation belong to one or both of 2 cults. There's the cult of whatever the nation's dominant religion is (or other religion), and there's the cult of politics and government as we know them with absolutely no real, significant changes. In the United States, the 2 cults would be (what I call) the died-for-your-sins cult and the (totalitarian) domination by the National Security state cult. Cults, however virtually universally not recognized as such the biggest ones are now, are based on tenuous and ineffective principals and beliefs; and their concurrently stupid and/or evil actions.

If every monotheist on the planet were only interested in enlightenment and real, common sense improvement instead of frivolous, mindless fantasies of a single Creator of the entire universe (and all the ridiculousness that accompanies such a notion), we wouldn't be in our current state. The spiritual people would then vastly outnumber the non-spiritual or anti-spiritual secular people, and there wouldn't be the totalitarian secrecy "needed" to protect their fragile psychoses that's made a shambles of everything. Ignorance turns out not to be bliss after all. Thus, the Abrahamic/monotheistic problem is the biggest one there is. Reaching out to the nonhumans and gaining useful knowledge would have been a done deal probably centuries ago without them.

It's no mere coincidence that the major players in today's (September 13, 2007) chaotic war posturing are from Abrahamic and Abrahamic-influenced nations. I might be buried in India (Daramsala, hopefully, if so)...

When or if Diagnoses happen, there must be a clear differentiation between individual psychoses and collective ones. Individual psychoses affects, by definition, only the individual and/or those immediately around them, whereas collective psychoses (and other pathology) influence government policies. Collective is infinitely more harmful.

Nothing substantial can happen without enough love. See the original entry about forgiveness, clean slates etc. Diagnoses aren't about punishments; only solving problems and moving forward. (9-13)

As long as I'm getting things off my chest, I should do a self-diagnosis in brief. I have 2 crucial confessions: First, I'm physically and mentally ill. I have a mysterious infection on my brain. I can spare the lengthy details here, but I can assure the mental part of my illness isn't violent or otherwise dangerous. However, I do have way too short a fuse lately even for me. I've always had (depression and) somewhat of an anger/hostility problem, but haven't had any problems socially because of it... or since childhood or early adulthood. Secondly, I've reasons to suspect I might not be 100% human. Or if I'm wrong, it will have been an honest enough mistake... Not into explaining that one here either. Sorry to be so cryptic, but I felt the need to confess as much as I can at this time... And I don't want to add another blog entry for awhile.

I don't know that I have a real or good reason for being on this planet and/or in this time frame, but I can only assume I do unless proven otherwise. (9-18)

Here's an easy prediction: At some point in the future it will be universally understood and taught as common knowledge that, at least effectively, the roots of all humanity's sociological problems in this paradigm or era (and dating back for however long) are monotheists (Abrahamics and apparently others such as Satanists) and their cowering, lilly-livered enablers. Case closed.

It's so strange how, in the US, my/our side has all the evidence, all the documentation regarding the US being founded as emphatically not a Christian nation, but the entirely psychotic or otherwise delusional effect is as though it was. Jesus Goddamn H. Christ (pun intended)!!! Talk about de-evolution. O bring on the Purification, like, yesterday. (9-21)

Well, I might as well admit the most pleasantly mind-blowing aspect of my life of the unexplained: My thoughts transmit to the (very apparently) Highest Power(s). And it's gone on for long enough (since '92) to know the experiences aren't hallucinations. (Had a few real ones in recent times). I've had the most electrifying weather synchronizations (lightning, thunder, rain, wind) with my thoughts imaginable! The timing is always too perfect. (The daily after-effects of the storms are normal; not hallucinated). And that's on top of countless hundreds or thousands of perfectly-timed pings or taps on the window or pops from the refrigerator over many years. This past July I had several major weather experiences; including very close lightning (with deafening thunder) at a very critical-of-me (in my foolish defiance) moment. (9-24)

Sorry, but in the recent whirlwind of events, I've been out of touch in the following crucial way. Need to be clear that, one, my hallucinations have, on at least 2 or 3 occasions, had a prescient or psychic component and therefore qualify as visions, and two, aren't the product of schizophrenia, but a symptom of the unidentified brain infection/condition. (More info upon request). There are always pronounced physical symptoms and/or common stress factors involved prior to the manifestations... However, I'm also of the opinion that the line between schizophrenic and visionary isn't always as distinct as most believe it is. (9-28)

(Note: Sorry if I'm a bigger computer moron than even I realized, but I'm not finding an option to simply remove a blog entry here. This should be the entry above Off-Planet Military).

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