Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spiritual Vittles

A very viable key to sufficient spirituality is to step outside of time in one's mind/being as much as possible. Know that you are on the right side of history by being at one with time as a whole. There's a feeling you get when you quiet your mind enough to reach the Buddha/Nirvana zone (if you will). At its strongest influence it becomes the most real thing within and without you...

Being the most serious person I know about explaining the unexplained, evolution of consciousness automatically denotes my being at one with progress; the most critical future history of this era possible. I guess my (eternally nameless) faith is based ultimately on fearlessness. I know that revealing secrets includes dredging up the stuff most people really don't want to talk about, but I have no worries. History is on the side of those of the greater innocence (meaning obviously no one is perfectly innocent).

Science/objectivity will indeed be our real savior, and probably no one will get exactly what they want or expect when (or if) the greater truths are revealed, but science certainly doesn't always mean the dominant academia as we know it now. There's more than the strictly material/physical to our lives or beings... The best thing about the timeless-Buddha zone is it often gives you a good laugh; and the subsequent positive, optimistic energy to cope with the (external and internal) insanity and whatnot better.

The secrecy that governs us is so inexpressably totalitarian (of which I unfortunately have first hand knowledge) that it can be called enforced unreality. No matter how ubiquitous, omnipresent the unreality is, it still doesn't equal (objective) reality. The tangled web (they weave as they constantly practice to deceive) is the product of only the willing tanglers; not my/our community. We're the truly civilized ones. Time/history is on our side. (9-19)

The very idea of Armageddon is for pathetic psycho cowards only. Yet, if it's unavoidable anyway, truth isn't responsible for its useless reactions. Or the only responsibility truth itself would or will have for any kind of "Armageddon" is if such a conflagration turns out to be the absolutely only way the (entirely necessary) Purification can really happen; and the human race preserved for eternity. Anything else would be only psycho vampires freaking out and shitting in their mess kits and ruining everything. There are no words for that level of cowardice.

In the worst case, the definitive biography of the Bush/neocon mafiocracy (and perhaps whatever succeeds it) should be titled 2001-20??: The Great Psychosis of the Banana Empire. And then in smaller print: a study in rule by secrecy, cowardice and pathology Remember election fraud is the mark of the "banana republic." Again that's the worst case. Who knows what turn of events could surprise us all? Happy trails. No fear. (9-23)

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