Sunday, October 21, 2007

Black Triangles

If the story is true, which I don't believe it is, it's the most amazing UFO encounter I've ever come across. It's on; dated 10/19. (Links apparently don't copy from that site). It allegedly happened in Youngstown, Florida on Oct 1. It's another huge black triangle report similar to the Phoenix/Arizona one of 3/13/97; except this time with no remarkable corroberation. This one was reportedly preceded by an amazing 45-minute aerial display involving large red, white with orange tint, and smaller pure white lights darting about.

It's the damnedest of damn shames that, assuming the story is BS, we're still so infantile in our development as to allow such flop to be fed to us, but what would be the bigger damn shame is, if it was real, and there were enough other witnesses who are too scared to talk... The latter unfortunately seems possible, given its (reported) occurrence in the Bible Belt's Redneck Riviera just north of Panama City. The supposed encounter ended with a huge (half acre or 330-feet wide) black triangle hovering just above treetop level.

Paranoid as it sounds, and I hope I'm wrong, I believe the story (true or not) is intended to intimidate us by those of the secret government/military persuasion.

I refer to Off-Planet Military. There was an apparently well-corroberated anomaly that happened Sept. 1 off the NJ coast. I also refer to (the near-end part of) the first entry and Wacko Strieber (in general) regarding truth extraction.

Perhaps I'm just being my stubborn alien or de facto alien (or perhaps just mild Asperger Syndrome) self, but I have a really major problem with liars. I don't see why the public should have to put up with those who are unwilling or unable to provide an extraordinarily strong guarantee of truthfulness - something even stronger than a courtroom oath (barring proper corroberation in the first place). I don't see how anyone who's really serious about revealing the greater truths can expect (indescribably-needed) progress to happen any other way.

Regardless of the (very apparent) crap factor of the Youngstown story, there very apparently is something to the reports of black triangles. I've known about them since the (reported) one in Belgium in '89 or '90. However, keep in mind that there could be such things as vast conspiracies of hoaxes; including even the hugest ones like Phoenix/Arizona in '97... for all this writer knows. The following was a post on a thread on another site (than ATS). It was on 3/31; shortly after (former Governor) Fife Symington admitted he'd seen the Phoenix triangular craft:

First, is it not conceivable that, just as there are basically good and basically bad humans, that the same can be true of nonhumans? And is it conceivable that one side would represent the same secretive/repressive (cowardly) system currently in place; and the other true liberty and harmony? Is it possible the dark side would be interested in only a temporary show of force (an infinitely more surreal Shock and Awe) before installing (a) totalitarian regime(s) with business as usual?

To calm the palpitations a bit, I tend to believe the at least vast majority of species capable of such "magic" are spiritually/sociologically advanced enough as well. Klingons with fancy hardware is a bad mix. Accept no cheap imitations.

Is it possible the 3/13/97 Arizona UFO wasn't friendly? It's slow movement suggests the possibility of (military) human only occupancy, though it would have to have had a cloaking device. I don't recall any reports of it moving at an incredible speed, but even if they were nohumans, it doesn't automatically mean they're benevolent.

Is it possible that Fife Symington, the conservative Republican former Arizona governor, has a secret reason for revealing his sighting a decade after it happened? Hopefully it would be nothing sinister, if so. May the Force be with the (truly) righteous (not to be confused with the self righteous). (end post)

I'm sticking with my dream I described in Off-Planet Military. Whether or not the Youngstown story is true, I'm pretty darn convinced the off-planet (US or certainly at least mainly US) military presence is real and insufficiently-enlightened.

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