Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Extrication & Faith

As much as I'm the world's biggest badmouther of monotheism (or as we know it?), there's actually a passage in the Bible (Revelations, I'm pretty sure) that I hope is actual prophecy with a yearning approaching desperation. It's the bit about the Disappeared. I passionately hope I and as many of my human community as possible can be "abducted" (which would really be Extricated) and carted the hell off-planet; though presumably or hopefully to return soon enough. Either that or to populate a new (biodiverse) planet.

It actually has a palpable logic in our case. As diometrically opposed as the current political system and the agenda I and my community represent are, off-planet very much appears to be a very viable option for us to attain real organization and power. In fact, the current system is so monolithically entrenched that I don't see how it can happen another way; or that the likelihood would be very slim. After all, if there really are (military) human-klingons (if you will) off-planet (see Black Triangles), sholuldn't there be room out there for at least a few forward-thinking libertarians?

Besides the ones who (apparently) are chosen at or before birth by the nonhumans, I believe a mass Disappearance/Extrication should consist of as many other good souls who haven't had anomalous experiences (or perhaps consciously) as possible. The more the merrier, as far as I can tell.

Hopefully this message can be spread far and wide: Those who really want to be taken away from this Hell need to start meditating or mentally focusing toward that goal. Visualize, for example, having the living bejeezus scared out of you initially. Expecting the huge shock of waking up in a strange location, but knowing that you won't be harmed, will lessen its impact; if applicable.

Of course there's a balance that has to be struck. One can't go too far into La-La Land. We need to focus on as many practical, terrestrial solutions as possible. Whether on this planet or not, the key to spiritual richness is in having the greatest faith of all time: the faith in the triumph of reason.

It's a faith no religion can touch. It's the simply scientific principle that evolution includes that of consciousness. As I mentioned in Spiritual Vittles, it's being at one with the whole of time (as much as possible). Reason's triumph means that cooler heads will prevail. We will evolve. (10-30)

In addition to the aforementioned meditations/visualizations, in accordance with my Matrix theory (earlier entry), I believe one must also visualize the shock of simply being blinked from this reality to another; anywhere at any time. (10-31)

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