Friday, November 30, 2007

Not Utterly Westernized

I proudly uphold the good, rational side of Western civilization. I'm the biggest torch bearer of secular democracy and freedom of expression... and just plain old freedom all the way around. "Rock and roll is here to stay." There are, however, a few items that seperate me from the totally Westernized person:

Basically, I'm not at all into strip clubs, beauty pageants, high heels and ties. I don't believe anyone should be objectified sexually (even with whatever amount of clean, classy stuff thrown in), or have unnatural footwear that result in uncomfortable (or tortured) feet, or strangulation devices (like leashes) that are effectively (unconsciously) mere arrows that point to the penis. (I personally don't need anything to remind me that I have one). However, being a true libertarian, just because I don't like something doesn't mean I'd support outlawing it. (What a concept, eh)? Let the hopelessly, utterly Westernized people do their totally Western thing if they must.

Here's the kicker: Islam is included in the overall West. You can't just count the secular government and laws. You have to include religion; due to the heavy influence of monotheism in governments around the world. The 3 Abrahamic religions are entirely Western. Really the only things that aren't of the West are the Eastern religions (Buddhism, Hinduism etc.); not the governments of the Orient. Or there are no appreciable differences among governments (of the world as we know it) to be able to distinguish East from West. All are pathocratic; or at least too much so. (Mutant enemy alien, grr!, arrgh!, lash out, punish, lash out, "this will teach you a lesson," secrecy, deception, military, punish, punish etc.). So in summary, to me, everything else outside of Eastern religions is either Western or neither Eastern nor Western.

What about pornography and prostitution? Aren't they even more degrading to women than beauty pageants and even strip clubs? The answer is, overall, no. Prostitution is consensual activity between (or among) adults. It can even be considered psychological therapy in however many cases or instances. Any abuses can and should be handled by law enforcement as in all other situations. Prostitution is way more respectful and equality-oriented than some drooling (often misogynist) jerk with a pocketful of $20 bills getting lap dances... Much of pornography as we know it is, obviously, vile. I'm all for eliminating the violent lowlife rape fantasy or other plainly abusive stuff. (Perhaps they should start instituting IQ tests or the like, LOL). Otherwise there's nothing wrong with it, as long as there's no addiction. Consenting adults, freedom of expression. Next subject?

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