Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Deism

It seems to me that, just as their are basically good and basically bad humans, the same is true of (the apparent) nonhumans. On both, my guess is the (truly, seriously) good ones are the minority, but I could be wrong and hope I am. This planet is (at least currently) dominated by a bunch of suicidal, genocidal, living black holes. The ubertotalitarian secrecy that governs everything (now) is the biggest indicator of that fact. They aren't just stupid and selfish. They're outright psychopathic; or at least sociopathic. They know that basic physics dictates that the current human population explosion (since 1938 when it was only 2 billion) in tandem with industry as we know it isn't something that can possibly last a lot longer, but they don't care.

Concerning the (apparent) nonhumans, there appears to be 2 types of secrecy; one for the light side and one for the dark. The dark side wants permanent secrecy so as to keep we humans (or apparently human and hybrid terrestrials) as ignorant, fearful slaves in their mafia racket. The light side, as I see it, is waiting for at least one person to very publicly and unignorably break through the secrecy and reach out to them in fact, science (not faith or the slavery that is religion). That's the Prime Directive (or whatever the actual equivalent is called). The PD, as established in Star Trek, means no overt intervention in the natural evolution of an intelligent species... And that means it's absolutely not possible for a human to violate it (in this paradigm or time frame).

The PD (or if you will) is really just a new view of Deism. The problem with the traditional view is its name. As I mentioned in the first entry, the very word "god" (including its Latin root) is the ultimate slave race word. There are intelligent humans and intelligent nonhumans. Period. No exceptions. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being staunchly against the mystification (therefore disempowerment effect) of the currently unexplained. There's no sense or peace in being dazzled, overwhelmed by or in callow or shallow awe of the "magical." That crap is for slaves only.

I'm hopefully wrongly not optimistic at all these days. It's looking like the beings of the light side will arrive, if they do, only to clean up the huge mess after the vampires have burnt themselves and the rest of us out. That would be Deism best defined. And may my pessimism be the most incorrect I've ever had; if at all possible. "Congratulations" if applicable.

Much of this entry is just expanding on earlier points, but I need to reinforce what it really means to reveal secrets: It means including the stuff no one is talking about now, even in the "alternative"/Internet media; much less by the "mainstream" drones. Expecting the most unexpected is the only way to lessen its shock value. Humans are an intelligent species. The time has come at longest last to act like one. May the Force be with those deserving.

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