Monday, December 31, 2007

"Intelligence" & Monotheism

The following is an ATS post by Agit8dChop on 12/31 on the first page of the thread titled "Was 9/11 an Israeli Job?" I believe it best summarizes the roles of the "intelligence" agencies pre-9/11. However, I don't discount the possibility of Americans acting alone (or effectively), and the poster neglects to acknowledge the probable role of the NSA.

(by Agit8dChop): Mossad and the CIA in my mind couldnt perform this act, without being found out.

I believe, that MOSSAD and the CIA Played the same roles in 911.

They had extensive intellegence on the group, they interjected, and they moulded/assisted/shadowed.

They didnt put there hands in it, but they helped, they threw authorities off, kept police/fbi away etc etc.

It was a long drawn out project, and they needed the arabs to play the main role, because, truth be told.. there'd be a lot of deniability coming out of the world if it was only a CIA / MOSSAD role.

No, the intellegence agencies sat back.
Ensured ' known terrorists ' would pass through customs and border control
Ensured money would be there
Ensured the FBI Wouldnt apprehend at the training facilities
and Ensured no high profile people were

a. in the towers
b. in the planes
c. liable

However, im very quickly starting to bend towards a '' they brought down '' the towers theory.

Which means, there was some point early, that we believed yes, it was definate.
The towers probably took months to rig, under the guise of maintenance, and late night entrances.

If MOSSAD did it entirely, there'd be enough people outside the neo-con agender who would of stood up.
If the CIA Did it entirely,they would of completely messed it up '' because thats the american way '' (END POST)

For those utterly unfamiliar with 9/11 conspiracy research, the basis of the (apparent) Mossad/Israel connection is the story of the "dancing Isrealis (Mossad agents) in New Jersey." Google it if you wish.

ATS, IMO, is the best place on the Internet for the most real intelligence. Sure, like every discussion site, it has its share of loonies and/or (intentional or not) disinformationists, but there are more forward-thinking seekers of truth there than anywhere I've seen. It's clear that the brighter minds are getting even brighter the closer we get to... whatever it is for which we're headed.

The word "intelligence" used in the context of government secrecy has always left a bad taste in my mouth. How is upholding the current system intelligent? What that's truly substantial do they or you have to show for their/your beloved tangled web? History will show that there effectively wasn't any actual intelligence involved in the whole era of deception; at least since the National Security Act of 1947. Using that word for what should be called, simply, information, or classified information, or just secrets, will prove to be the most laughable folly. History will be positively merciless on the current (governmental) usage of the i word. There's nothing truly intelligent about muckraking, backstabbing, lying treachery and other corruption.

As I implied in the first entry, 9/11 was simply the first huge act of monotheism's desperate last gasp.

Or could that be monotheism as we know it (including the Satanic or similar enough crap)? Is it possible that there really could be a single, immortal Creator of the human race? Never mind the entire universe. If there's only one who created us, it doesn't change anything I've said, because in no way is it possible that (at least most) humans are doing anything resembling His, Her or Its wishes. Religions are jokes. Or the burden of proof otherwise is on the opposition. My community has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The (at least hypothetical) Creator would really have to be a modifier concerning homo sapiens. He, She or It would presumably have created Neanderthals and earlier protohumans too... Ah, the sheer Nirvana it is to not be too beholden to any current theory or unproven belief. "Free your mind and your ass will follow." Reject the programmed arguments. Happy New Year.

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