Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Civilized Way

To the extent I have a summary of this blog, this entry is it.

The most righteously sane people have the power to create any future we want; including the kind of post-Contact world. If cooler, more scientific heads prevail, our sovereign community can dictate precisely what is and isn't acceptable concerning interaction with intelligent nonhumans. It requires much courage to begin asking the right questions (or having them properly broadcast) before the answers will come, and the key to overcoming fear of the unknown, or enough so, is to stubbornly refuse to be mystified (or disempowered and/or frightened) by mere science. Again, lack of specific terminologies or classifications as yet doesn't make any physical property (or entity), including that which defies current laws of physics, any less scientific. It's time to simply shrink everything and reject being overwhelmed. Grow a pair (as it were).

The key to overcoming fear is to face it. I'd be lying if I said I'm completely unafraid of the unknown... I've mentioned the ecological imperative in the first and subsequent entries, so no need to repeat that. Such a vital mission has a way of reducing fear enough; at least in me. It's time "to wrestle the world from fools" and take control of the future. (Thank you, Patti Smith). I've no trouble fighting for Creation.

There is hope for everyone; including the darker atheists. A certain (hopefully small) percentage of they who are the most hostile in their anti-nonhuman intelligence arguments have to have something or things they've done or are doing that are really horrible. They carp and carp really, privately, because they can't imagine any kind of higher beings forgiving or accepting them. The most screaming irony of all time is that those particular atheists very apparently believe that, if they're wrong, that automatically means the religious nuts are right about a petty and overly-judgmental "God." In their minds there can't possibly be another alternative than the 2 stale, old programmed positions. So they effectively believe in the same (very apparent) nonsense as the religious.

Politically and spiritually, I am/we are offering only clean slates. All of us are victims of an inferior Matrix; figuratively or literally. It's time to move on and rewrite the "software" - without anyone losing his or her humanity. Primarily, we know not what we do, so what sense is there in punishing when the civilized way is to forgive and solve problems; then live happily (enough) ever after?

We already have the required language for our Salvation. Though basically nobody realizes it yet, it's the language of (what too many insist upon calling) "God." (And it's looking very much like we will have to save our own butts). Simply, use the scientific/realistic language instead of the religious/psychotic one(s). Science is of the eternal/intelligently unseen (or "godly") because there is no more descriptive language than the clinical - the most common roots being, as I see them, patho, psycho and neuro. Science is real. Characterizations like evil, God, devil(s), angels, demons, Lucifer and Satan are unreal/psychotic. It isn't a case of a light versus dark side; but the lighter and darker.

Where are the very brave and well-credentialed psychiatrists who will make the very public Diagnoses? [I retract, unless given very good reason to reinstate, my assertion in Diagnoses that they will presumably come (initially) from (a) nonhumans(s)]. Actually the best news ever is that it doesn't require a mental health professional to begin diagnosing any time now (like yesterday). There are countless rather obvious cases of those of the rule-by-pathology persuasion. (That covers both the obvious creepos and the less-detected, more charming and/or intelligent ones). The next paradigm begins with diagnosing... IMO.

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