Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Yahweh" & "Prophecy" etc.

How is it possible for a supposedly higher being to be jealous? Says it right there in the 10 Commandments part of Exodus. What would the alleged Creator of the entire f-ing universe have to be jealous of? The truth is in plain sight: "Yahweh" is/was, if there was any amount of truth to the story, simply a pathetic little psychopathic, inferior creature with access to advanced technology.

What else but psychopathy can explain someone killing ("smiting") someone for (allegedly) simply looking into the Ark of the Covenant? And what of all the other murderous horrors for which the "Yahweh" thing was responsible? Even the very name he gave himself to (the purported) Moses sounds like a smarmy remark in the voice of Emperor Sidious (Star Wars): "I am that I am, 'tis no concern of yours." How wonderfully patrician/condescending.

What truly higher being would even want, much less need, praise or worship? Isn't that just idolatry? Isn't such sappy slobbering from mere subjects of the Emperor the desire of egomaniacs or megalomaniacs like Saddam Hussein (was) only? Religion being the last refuge of a scoundrel, as the (too often true) saying goes, verifies the projection of the preferences or mindset of lower humans (not to be confused with the at least reasonably normal upper humans) onto the scoundrel whom they (in Western/monotheistic religions) blindly worship. "Yahweh" sounds a lot more like ol' Saddam than a normal person/being.

Isn't it odd how everything unfolding these days is interpreted as prophecy fulfillment by (religious) psychotics when there's nothing in the Bible or any other ancient text regarding what's really happening in the world today? One would think there'd be some mention or clear enough indication of technology, industry, pollution/depletion, population etc. in order to qualify as genuine foresight. That's my favorite example of how religious nuts aren't in touch with reality (hence psychosis).

Formal contact with any kind of higher being(s), if ever applicable, mustn't be in the context of anything even similar to any religion; only strait science to which every human being can relate.

The tired old atheism/materialism versus religion argument is really 2 sides of the same divided-and-conquered coin. It's absolute bullshit. There is a 3rd, balanced way. Here's meditating for real change, progress...

I finally have to confess that the very idea of a person dying for another's sins is as big an affront to my soul/being as any can be anywhere. (Hardcore zealots of course insist that Jesus of Nazareth wasn't a mere person, but a god or God. Whatever. Semantics). It's simply anti-responsibility in even as much as the subconscious suggestion of one's sins being bought and paid for. It's effectively the same as the Satanic "do as thou willst." It enables pathology; which encompasses all the other clinical terms.

As I understand it, the bulk of the sins-lightning rod/scapegoat notion comes from (the Old Testament book of) Isaiah. I could go into a couple examples of the screamingly unscientific flimsiness of the interpretations of the passages (such as the name Emmanuel equaling the name Yeshua/Jesus), but no need to here. It's nothing but the biggest, fattest psychotic joke. Period. Merry f-ing Christmas.

I happen to love the living daylights out of Jesus (assuming his story wasn't a ripoff of earlier alleged deities such as Horus). He had the right combination of the Buddha peace and love and the kickass warrior, vampire-slaying (if you will) spirit. It's the easiest thing in the world for me not to confuse the (purported) man with the religion. Happy New Year. (12-22)

Religions, or particularly the Western/monotheistic ones, are the ultimate xenophobia machine(s). That is, both Christianity and Islam have their versions of an "Antichrist" who arrives before their (alleged) Messiah does. In short, they've screwed themselves and perhaps everyone else along with them. They've taken the importance and magnificence that (at least) would be (formal) Contact with the nonhuman intelligence(s) and perverted it into something that, if it ever happens, in their minds it will be evil and should be feared. Whoever is first is the bad guy. That's simply pathetic and pathological beyond description. Again, "congratulations." Of course the whole "Antichrist" thing is assuming, hopefully incorrectly, that Contact would or will be attached to just one human, or human-looking hybrid, leader.

As furious as I sound, I do have faith in the triumph of reason, the end of all de facto and actual slavery and that Contact, at least if it happens before everything totally goes to shit, won't be associated with a malevolent political figure. The most sanity-preserving option for me is the Gandhi/passive resistance and Prime Directive/Deism route(s); unless a better plan comes along. The Force and the future (or timelessly objective history) are with those who are righteous enough. It's just insane to expect perfection. (12-27)

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