Saturday, December 15, 2007


If there really are no intelligent nonhumans - or the ones who don't look human - involved with Earth humans, and everything that's been reported is some kind of Master Illusionists racket, then one is left with only one's community of human peers. I'm wagering pretty big that the nonhumans are real, and my human community is exclusively the Disclosure community. That doesn't mean one has to be formally associated with the Stephens Bassett or Greer; or even have been vocal or active on the subject. One need only support all necessary Disclosure of the currently unexplained.

It's admittedly difficult to measure the extent to which a species can be judged as a (primarily or essentially) criminal one, but if the (openly or secretly) suicidal/genocidal sociopaths and psychopaths have their Armageddonistic (and not necessarily of the religious type) way and screw everyone and everything into oblivion, another intelligent species surely wouldn't have any problem recording/reporting the criminality for the historical record. Denial of new science/reality that will improve the human and ecological conditions is the epitome of the atheistic/nihilistic... And that's why Disclosure people are the most (and to me only) important ones; at least now.

Even if Disclosure turns out to be only a massive exposing of Illusionists, that would still be the new knowledge we need to start maturing enough as a civilization.

George Carlin has to have the most inspired rants of any public person. This one nails it like no other I've seen. (Need to keep younger children away):

I don't know Carlin's views on Disclosure or rule by secrecy, but if he's one of us, I wish he'd say something about it. We could really use someone with his power of speech/spellcasting. (Everything intelligent - speech, music, dance, visual/physical art, literature, theatre and cinema - is spellcasting therefore "witchcraft"). Every point he makes is actually rooted in the ubertotalitarian secrecy that also prevents Disclosure. Why isn't there anyone getting angry about secrecy in general? If Carlin is against Disclosure, huge irony and hypocrisy are that he's just another anaesthetized sheep he bemoans.

What the world needs now is more loud, cranky old farts of every generation (as it were)... as long as there's enough love within us.

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