Sunday, December 9, 2007


Picture every solar system in this (large or small) part of the galaxy, then the entire galaxy, then the universe. Accept as a given that a respectable percentage of the systems harbor intelligent life (whether it's true or not). Now picture biodiverse planets where life such as ours has evolved and/or been created. Could it possibly be the norm that civilizations, once reaching the level of our type of industry/technology, destroy their environments and therefore (eventually) themselves? That would certainly be the horror of all horrors. I acknowledge the possibility that the nihilism is true if those applicable will that it isn't.

I happen to be different enough from any person I've met to assert that my soul or whatever constitutes my personality is of a community of higher beings, even if they're only scattered around the galaxy in spacecraft. I'm of beings of true equality (meaning no de facto or actual slavery) and ecological harmony. Who could blame them/us, however quietly they're/we're now involved, in imparting a strong message of ecological Preservation... or at least Resolution (as I see it)? I believe it's a safe assumption that spacefaring beings, if applicable, would be sufficiently aware of planetary histories of the environmental effects of intelligent species. In a worst case, if the only good (or good enough) ones out there are the nomadic minority, what moral problem is in their wanting to be welcomed to a planet of enlightened enough beings? Certainly none.

Or perhaps the truth is more interdimensional than interstellar or intergalactic, but it's all the same Message of sanity (for a change). Minority or not, I'm here on a genuine Mission. It's a Mission in the strictly Deist/Prime Directive mode, unless there can somehow be the nonhuman intervention I and many hope for. The (at least current) domination of this civilization by horrendously passive/reactive people can be capitulated only by (an) at least reasonably ordinary human being(s); not by a trippy weirdo like me. (There isn't a necessary connection between personality and values, btw). Or that's assuming Real Change won't be initiated by the unseen realm.

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