Saturday, January 19, 2008


Anyone who would wager big that 9/11 was an inside job would win big; or will. The denial is a collective psychosis so extreme that there's no word to describe it as yet. The best focal point of the gargantuan case of the emperor wearing no clothes is the lack of airplane wreckage at both the Pentagon and (near) Shanksville, PA. People have been somehow hypnotized by that most "magical" word "vaporized" - a regular down-the-rabbit hole bamboozlement second only to the notion of babies coming from the Stork. Obviously nothing can vaporize as such. Time to wake up and smell the compost.

Truth and justice need not include punishment. I've done well enough touting the warm fuzzy vibe of forgiveness, but now it's time to create and enforce it as mandatory policy (if possible). I guarantee there's no other way real progress can happen for humanity than with amnesty in exchange for truth and solving problems. Exposure is punishment enough for war (and other) criminals. They'll have to live with themselves unless they alone choose the alternative.

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