Sunday, January 20, 2008

Adam & Eve

How much time did Adam and Eve have to develop their minds? How child-like or adult-like were they when they ate the apple(s)? Regardless, is it safe to assume that they weren't as intelligent as their alleged creator?

If there's even the tiniest grain of truth to the ancient story, the person or being who was the superior (if not creator) of Adam and Eve was either incredibly stupid or incredibly diabolical. My money is on the latter... Assuming the 2 innocents were actual humans capable of their own thoughts and actions, we can assume they would eventually develop natural, normal curiosity about the forbidden fruit even without the assistance of some kind of alleged Serpent. They certainly would've eventually wondered why, if the apple was so dangerous, their keeper or master would even have the tree around them. Left to their own perception or imagination they could easily have come to the conclusion that their being warned against the fruit was actually a test of their courage or independence, maturity. After all, if the "Wise One" who surely loved and cared about them really did, he wouldn't leave anything truly dangerous in their midst. Right?

There's no other reasonable conclusion that the keeper of A & E fully intended for them to eat the "fruit"... or probably whatever kind of drug that would make them see differently. (I don't believe it possible to represent the literally first 2 humans, but it's conceivable that A & E represent a transition from a Paradisical society to the world as we've known it). And what better way is there to ensure a fearful slave race than to convince the subjected that it's their fault for being the descendents of those who dared disobey orders? You are born and shall always remain scum, or perhaps only if you conform properly to the church's strictist, most narrowly doctrinaire/dogmatic lifestyle will you have a chance at righteousness. Christ, how's that for a psychotically literal Hell of a paradigm?

Anyway, the apple-baiting, if at all true, was the originally vampirically dirty trick. Or it's one heck of a burden of proof otherwise... How many of us are able to see that mesmerizing, seemingly plausibly "magical" (science fiction) writing occurs in all ages or eras of humankind?

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