Tuesday, January 29, 2008

in Praise of the Real

I believe it's a fair assessment that that which is of the higher, faster (positive) energy is, in fact, simply more real by far than the lower, negative vibrations as manifested in pathos. That's not saying the darker side of human nature is illegitimate, but a huge portion of it is useless, meaningless enough to be considered at least effectively unreal, artificial, mechanical... ersatz. In retrospect there's virtually (if not in fact) always a better way to handle or resolve a situation than resorting to the pathological. Pathos can be controlled (at least far better) by proper environment/education and, whenever necessary or desired, meditation.

All that are real (at least effectively) are love, work and play... as long as the latter 2 are ethical enough and one is happy enough with one's work. Again we need to be forgiving as possible... Petty (when not fully psychopathic) actions out of spite/sadism, revenge, envy or desperation (unsubstantiated fear) only perpetuate the Hell we're (still) forced to endure.

How much longer before a voice like mine can be heard above the din of the Tangled Web? I happen to be a lousy public speaker and not much of a people person.

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