Friday, February 29, 2008

Screw 2012!

The truly intelligent way is to prepare for the possibility that there will be no overt (intelligently) nonhuman intervention ever... or at least as long as ignorance/secrecy reigns supreme. What evidence is there to contradict that there is, in fact, a real Prime Directive in place concerning our contacting them? (Those unfamiliar with Star Trek mythology need to Wiki it. Note about that to follow). If we act according to that principle and they end up formally Contacting us anyway, then there will be far fewer people unprepared for, surprised by and unforgiving of them. It's really the most basic logic.

(I'm not registered with Wikipedia, therefore don't have editing capability, but the first sentence of the second section of info, at least currently, is a flat-out lie. It says, "The Prime Directive is never explicitly stated within the show, allowing writers great freedom in defining and using it." Bullgoddamnshit. Way creepy vampire tagging there for sure).

The year(s) 2012-13 as the Great New Beginning is a popular subject on the more "alternative" websites. Certain people can't shut up about it if their lips were sewn together. The fallacy of the idea is the probable impossibility of the Mayan calendar being able to synchronize exactly with the Gregorian. That calendar came much later than the Mayan's, and the addition of leap years even later. There appears to be a basic logical flaw... True that it might not be a big flaw.

Being open-minded enough I agree there could be a true breakthrough in/expansion of humanity's consciousness sometime between now and, say, 2015. And perhaps it could happen soon enough before or after the much-vaunted 12/22/12 date when the alignment of the planets of our solar system with the center of the galaxy is scheduled to occur.

Perhaps it will take until 2012 or therabouts for (an) ordinary person or people to be able to smash through the gargantuan facade that is the National Security state... the real government. The most reasonable minds can discern that that's exactly what it will require to begin making the necessary societal improvements. There's just no evidence - not the vaguest speck of it - that any kind of nonhuman intelligence even might just magically appear and save our butts. All types of blind, unquestioning faith in anything of the world as we know it (that isn't a proven absolute) are only psychoses... or other delusions/illusions. It takes getting to the heart of the matter on our own by first exposing the criminals who need to be exposed. It takes realizing what one's government is truly made of (the NSS). (Forget the glaring counterproductivity of shouting names like Bilderberg, CFR, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove and even Illuminati, and especially that Crown Jewel of Vagueness, NWO). It takes the biggest and best type of courage, then we can ascend to the next level. Prime Directive, folks. Tough love. Get used to it.

How much longer will our consciences allow us to perpetuate the various sickeningly criminal rackets? If there's any new knowledge that can prevent such horrors as child sex slave rings, is it not the duty of good people to obtain it right away... and not be stuck in some dreamy, pie-in-the-sky land like the 2012 hype? There's no question that the historically correct realization is that the deadly duo of official secrecy and organized religions (especially the Abrahamic ones) are the root causes of our problems, or let's say the hugest by far chunk of them.

Everyone knows what to do. Just do it. Nothing will happen by inaction or wrong (or the same old) action.

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