Monday, March 3, 2008

Real Royalty

The original idea of royalty was that the monarch is either a "god" or a close enough second-in-command of "God" or whatever "god(s)." Perhaps there actually was an intelligently nonhuman origin of the concept way, way back in the mists of time. In the (hopefully near) future a real, enlightened (anarchic or as close to it as possible) monarchy would or will be absolutely, incontrovertibly proven to be in direct association with the proven nonhuman origin of humanity. Or that's if we're ever able to receive such proof.

The king or queen could be someone of a bloodline as royalty is now, or it could be more complex than that. Perhaps there's a "bloodline" of the (immortal?) soul or consciousness energy that's far more ancient than humanity. I'd call that primordial or the most essential/important genealogy... Or the monarchs would or will otherwise be connected to the nonhuman power in a way no other humans (or hybrids) are. Royalty could easily be based, at least primarily, one one's unique talents or deeds; not heritage.

This of course would or will greatly diminish the stature/status of monarchies as we know them. I wouldn't have a problem recognizing them in the simply symbolic-historic (relic) sense, but not in a way that's anything resembling a "big deal" as today. Being that there's (effectively) nothing truly substantial in the world as we now know it, monarchies (along with governments and religions) today are only, or by far primarily, pathetic enablers of pathology; when not pathological themselves.

So what happens if a (true) monarch emerges from the United States (as one example perhaps among many); a supposed republic? (Or these days it's merely supposed). I don't see how it would be a problem. I believe we can easily have a monarch (who would have no real political authority anyway) and a far truer representatively democratic republic than exists today. Virtual despotism of the criminal kind has most blatantly crept into the US especially since 2001. Neocons and their many enablers (namely Democrats) are effectively monarchists (of the entirely despicable kind) already.

All of them bow and kneel to their monarch (or real God) that is the National Security state. Just as there was no real socialism (no welfare state) among the National Socialists (Nazis), so is there no real security in the NSS. The common disease between the 2 is nationalism or blind, unquestioning "patriotism."

I've been a lot more pessimistic in recent months about Contact ever actually happening, though I hope I will be proven wrong. So, perhaps the whole new concept of enlightened anarchy-monarchy is moot in the first place. There very strongly appears to be simply too much (religious and secular) filth with too much power. It's looking like humanity is a case of this adage I heard recently: They (the nonhumans) can watch the animals in the zoo, but that doesn't mean they want to get in their cages.

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