Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mighty Damn Slim Odds

First, I need to acknowledge that many or most of my blog entries are from the perspective that the UFO and (apparent) close encounters phenomena are as they appear; or simply real. I need to make clear that I'm not convinced that's the case, but if I had to wager (though not big), I'd say they (somehow at least primarily) are. I'm not too strongly vested in anything that's not absolutely proven. I don't confuse belief with fact. I'm only interested in the advancement of science/knowledge and the cessation of insulting the intelligence of decent (enough) people. It's simply time to grow up and get real. Whatever the breakthrough (when or if applicable) consists of, I am convinced it will require, at least initially, exposing and eliminating the ubertotalitarian culture of official secrecy; the National Security state.

Now on with the subject of this entry:

How is it possible to view, say, our galaxy alone in terms of intelligent life equaling only God, Satan, angels, demons and humans? The answer is it's possible only through blind, unquestioning faith; which is really psychosis. And if a single "God" created first the "angels" and then humans, then who created the "demons?" Er, would that have been "Satan?"

Where has it ever been even implied that "Satan" has the same power of creation as "God?" Or that's right, apparently the "demons" would somehow have to be the product of the "fallen angels." (That's the extra-Biblical crap about the 1/3 of all angels rebellion against "God" led by "Lucifer"). So "God" somehow screwed up big time until "He" created the, of course, more perfect humans; the prize product of the entire universe... Please don't forget your medication (to whom it applies).

There are an estimated 100,000,000,000 stars/solar systems in the Milky Way. For argument's sake we'll say only 1/10 of 1% of them have intelligent life, though I believe the figure is much (or much, much) higher. That would still be a respectably big enough amount of intelligent life. What are the odds that such life that evolved and/or was created on all those worlds couldn't be classified as those who are only BEINGS like human beings; rather than that of the infantile simplicity of religious language? Mighty damn slim, I'd venture. And what reason is there to assume that all intelligent life is even bipedal or humanoid?

Never let it be known that I'm not an equal opportunity critic. There are plenty of screwed up secular people as well. I believe and certainly hope the definition of religion will be expanded. It should include anything that's believed that isn't a proven absolute. So the vast majority of atheists today are actually religious.

It's clear that religions or all unyielding doctrine or dogma based on the unproven are the roots of our problems. Can you say psychoses? There's no such thing as salvation on a silver platter. We have to thrash and hash out everything ourselves.

The greater problem is religion. Real progress begins by disallowing those who think they can dismiss or drop the subject by merely claiming faith. Blind (or blind enough) faith needs to be reclassified as the psychosis it really is.

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