Saturday, March 8, 2008

One Creator?

If there's a single Creator of at least this universe, how mind-bogglingly powerful can He, She or It be? In that regard religious people are correct about the human mind not being able to comprehend God. Surely, however, Someone or Something that unimaginably powerful must be able to adapt the essentials of morality/ethics. Or (again) it's one whale of a burden of proof otherwise.

If one truly exists, any worthy or real God would be completely above the petty, pissant judgmentalism of those who claim to worship "Him." The Creator can forgive those, for example, who don't readily accept the notion of a Single Creator who are more serious than others about pursuing advanced science/knowledge due to the violently unprecedented ecolological and sociological activity. (The US government being the outright psychopathic in-your-face bully is unprecedented). Or someone needs dadgum proof to the contrary...

"Breaking" news: Al Qaeda is a complete fabrication. What struck me as most odd is the (BBC) broadcast is from 2004. Most amazing example of collective psychosis (mentioned in Diagnoses) I've seen as to how something that big can be ignored and buried for that long (and counting).

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