Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enlighten & Lighten Up

There are two basic components of what I would consider real, measurable improvement in the human condition. One is the serious side - enlightenment. (I think I've covered that part enough in the blog). The other is levity - lightening up. Everyone quit being so damned self-important and uptight; or to whom it applies. It's a very key ingredient in the overall love (sweet love) that the world needs now... and moreso now than ever. (Thank you Bacharach and David). We need to see and create more humor in as much of life as possible.

We need to get our real priorities strait. Who really gives a rat's ass about the sexual behavior of public figures, as long as it's consenting adults? History will prove (or eventually) that the entirely needless and stupid anti-prostitution laws of today are the bases of the "problem" of prostitution. (It's problematic only because it's illegal). They amount to nothing more than pathetic-neurotic feeding frenzies driven by the (currently dominant) media. There happen to be real problems or issues on which we should focus instead.

The songwriter name I recently chose for myself, Fuzzy McShank, is actually as much a serious political statement as it is plain old goofy fun. It expresses that I'm deadpan-serious about lightening up. Everyone give yourselves and others a break. (Edited 3/19 due to name change).

Actually the new name is Dagwood Buttski, and could change again, but you get the idea. (5/23)

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