Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clash of Souls

As a reasonably scientifically-minded person I'm not convinced the soul exists, but I definitely want to believe it does. Whatever it is that solely or mostly comprises the human personality, I'm convinced there is/will be a clash, and perhaps a full war, between differing types of said essence(s).

Perhaps not everyone has a soul. Perhaps the percentage of those who do is lower than we want to believe. Perhaps the better souls are the older ones. Or is there something else that determines morally and logically superior and inferior traits?

For the soulless, if applicable, what is it that defines their essential programming?

It's clear that superior souls/personalities are the more freedom-loving people who balance higher on the do-unto-others scale. We are, in whatever percentage, the unafraid and reasonably unbiased truthseekers. (As I see it, the very concept of an intelligent personality implies at least somewhat of a bias in everyone). We just want to relax and be left the f alone; at least by officialdom.

If actual violence/war really is unavoidable, wouldn't the ultimate justice in the history of the universe be if the most innocent, humble and intelligent people could be awarded with the most advanced technology? Picture it: We have force fields around us (that no weapon/object or body can penetrate) and phasers (or whatever guns) where we can just vaporize vampires everywhere (when necessary)... Well, one can dream, at least. The one thing the "Man" can't take is one's personality/thoughts.

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