Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Adopting the Future

I mentioned in Spiritual Vittles the timeless quality of the Nirvanic meditative state. What it amounts to is adopting or merging with the point in the future when we can all breathe easily and relax, rejoice. Deep down we all know, logically, that the collective psychoses will heal someday, even if the situation has to get a lot worse before it gets better. The various cultist-believers (by the new, broader interpretation I've established) appear to need to get their violently freaky ya-yas out first. Needless to say I hope I'm wrong; at least about the vampiric damage being catastrophic, epic.

We, my/our community, are in a win-win situation, so no worries. We can take comfort in either of 2 scenarios: one, that truth simply isn't at all responsible for any of its useless, horrible reactions, and/or 2, that the truth willing out, as it always should or must, simply requires it being preceded by very violent upheaval.

It's the opposition's passive-aggressive war, due to all in their possession being their desperate clinging to this paradigm (of lies, lies, lies), and our (unfortunately passive-aggressive as well) waiting game. Evolution (including whatever amount of revolution), which always includes consciousness, is on our side. How much longer do we have to wait?

I'm open to the Prime Directive/Deism thing being true to whatever degree, but it's also true that any unignorable display, or whatever that explains whatever of the unexplained, will be viewed as a PD violation by a sizable percentage of folks no matter what. Damned if you do or don't; to whatever extent.

I maintain there's been enough evolution in humanity's consciousness/awareness by now for formal Contact or Disclosure or whatever equivalent Breakthrough to transpire right away. I honestly don't see how a truly higher species would allow a species that's demonstrated a respectable amount of brilliance and goodness on its own to become extinct, so this is my endorsement of the necessarily spectacular event that transforms us. And I don't see any reason for delay.

It's not a matter of our being any more ready for the truth in 50 years from now than we are today when the truth-denying power structure and their support remain constant.

Here's a recent post of mine on an ATS thread (edited for repetition of blog statements):

The key to changing the world for the better is to change the entire concept of government itself, and, I'm somewhat regretful to say, to eliminate religion... at least to the point where it has zero influence in politics. (Religion is not to be confused with spirituality, love, truth). The key is in (somehow) eliminating the entire ubertotalitarian culture of official secrecy... In short, there has to be enough popular support for such real change. It's in the willingness to bring out into the open everything that sounds simply too strange to discuss - things no one is talking about even on the more progressive websites. If we expect the most unexpected, most preposterous-sounding truths ahead of time, it won't come as such a huge shock when all the details come out... if they do. (end post)

At the risk of again sounding like a broken record, (unconditional) love, forgiveness, clean slates etc. are the real answers. There are civilized solutions to all problems. Cooler heads prevail when faith in the triumph of reason prevails. So when this wackass paradigm rattles the marbles, just quiet the mind, adopt the future and feel the secure bliss.

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