Sunday, April 13, 2008


Those who are secretly or illegally/secretly aware of my "private" journals in the drafts of my e-mail accounts (assuming applicability) know that anything titled with the word "report" is addressed directly to my (intelligently unseen) higher power(s). I'm now compelled to make this one as public as possible:

1. greed
2. official secrecy (all of it)
3. religion

Those are the 3 items causing the bulk, by far, of what psychologically ails the human race. Call them the Unholy Trinity. To a species at least a lttle, on average, higher on the evolutionary scale than humanity, their fear-based collective psychoses are abnormal, but to the brutally dominant psychology of this paradigm, and their supporters, the Tangled Web/Illusionist routine is perfectly normal.

It appears their version of Nature thrives on (religious and political) beliefs rather than facts, though that doesn't speak for all humans. It seems to be the minority, actually. The psychotically deceptive practice of official secrecy - or anything resembling the astronomical level of it we know in the here-and-now - is, apparently above all else, the vanguard of the greater psychosis of (particularly Abrahamic) religion. Am I right in pursuing a new (to we terrestrials) version of Nature that (cyclically?) replaces theirs? I don't see how the answer to that question can reside within me alone.

Instead of worshipping and/or praising and/or fearing (a) higher being(s), how about loving, respecting and (non-obsessively) admiring you/you all? What a damn concept! They've somehow mistaken an actual higher being with an egomaniacally freaky one like Saddam Hussein was... or whatever the "Yahweh" creature actually was (if there's any truth to that story).

I need your help in quieting my mind enough to meditate/will your presence into our (terrestrial) undeniably public life.

Your humbled servant,

Colin (4/13)

[Wow are there a bunch of edits I could make if I was in normal writing mode, but it has the spontaneous imperfection a real appeal to one's higher power(s) should have]. (4/14)

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