Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Flimsy Eggshell Psyches

The title is borrowed from the Doors' Ghost Song where Jim Morrison mentions "the child's fragile eggshell mind."

The world as we know it isn't, we'll say, primarily reality. This is because of the enormous (to put it mildly) amount of effort, hard work put into the causes of secrecy, lies, deceptions, illusions. Totalitarian rule by official secrecy is more pervasive than most people want to believe or will admit to. It's inaccurate to say this paradigm, or presumably any other, is all reality or unreality, but on the balance, this one tilts plenty noticeably enough in the unreal direction. The proof is in only actions (and inactions) or results; never words or beliefs. It's not exaggeration or overactive imagination every time I mention the all-encompassing collective psychoses.

The domination of this paradigm by flimsy eggshell psyches is possible only by their unyielding adherence to beliefs (instead of, "God" forbid, facts), xenophobia and illusions/deceptions. Those are the ways the flimsiness manifests and controls. To be sure, most believers in/followers of this paradigm are, personally and interpersonally, very stable, plenty sturdy individuals. Their addiction to the (currently) dominant unreality is much like a long-time heroin junkie's addiction. They don't get a high off it, but they consume the crap (lies, deception) their government and (dominant or "mainstream") media feeds them just to feel "normal," functional. Very sad and entirely sick; considering what they/you have to show for it.

I've no problem admitting to my own emotional/psychological problems, but I'm simply not of the (currently dominantly) flimsy eggshell psyche persuasion. My problems affect only me and, however often, others immediately around me. They don't influence government policy (the collective insanity).

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