Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Rural Imperative

This is the second post on new MySpace display name Lightworth 2. Screw Wordpress.

My songwriting has taken a decidedly country-folk turn very recently. My latest creation is called The Mellow Bumpkin Beat. By the lyrics one would think it's titled Green. It's a rural fantasy of which I'll always aim to make reality ASAP (if at all possible).

I don't expect to ever make enough money to live out in the boondocks in my own house, on my own decently-sized lot of land, but perhaps I could hook up with a (self-sufficient) commune somewhere.

Though they're virtually hidden, unnoticed now, I believe, between my higher power(s) and me, that certain blog entries of mine have established me among, say, the top 10 activists for planet Earth. That is, I've never read anything else with the cut-the-BS brevity of my style... If anyone deserves to look out a window and see nothing but unspoiled Earth, it's I (and mine). I'm not and never will be, in my mind/soul, an urban person.

Or I suppose to the extent I have to be an urbanite, and be comfortable enough with the notion, I'm positively not the motor vehicle-operating type (though I have to do so daily anyway).

I'd be happy with any type of boonies where I could live, but if I had my choice of terrain, it'd be tall forest lowland (with or without harsh winters), but the difficult part these days, especially in the US, is to find such a place with no, or truly negligable, light pollution. Gotta live where one can really see the damn stars!.. And yes, I admit I'm enough of a modernized wuss where I'd prefer living in "the far unlit unknown" with nightvision goggles.

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