Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Official: 9/11= Inside Job

It just occurred to me how odd it is that I don't have an entry with 9/11 in the title, and I really need to go into greater detail on the whole monstrosity, since such truth is a cause I've long championed. I believe it's because I was subconsciously saving the best for last; or last of this phase. And I had to have the obvious continuation of the previous *gasp* entry. This is as short as possible a summary of the most crucial items (as I see them):

Here's a short quote from the (short) entry titled Forgiveness (last January): The best focal point of the gargantuan case of the emperor wearing no clothes is the lack of airplane wreckage at both the Pentagon and (near) Shanksville, PA. People have been somehow hypnotized by that most "magical" word "vaporized" - a regular down-the-rabbit hole bamboozlement second only to the notion of babies coming from the Stork. Obviously nothing can vaporize as such. Time to wake up and smell the compost. (end quote)

There were 2 official reports about 9/11: the 9/11 Commission Report and the NIST. I believe the "vaporized" quote is from the latter. What has become of us that we're able to accept total fantasy as fact? How does one dented tire rim found at the Pentagon (or with laughably little else) qualify as evidence of plane wreckage? How was there absolutely no wreckage found at Shanksville; only a curiously-timed "mock drill" (or yet another one that day) for firefighters where they started a fire and left a big burn mark?

And that's just the outside-NYC aspect. Face the fact: Either there were no planes at the Pentagon and Shanksville, or they did, somehow, thoroughly vaporize, but in order for the latter to be true there would have to have been unknown technology (that completely defies known physics) used. There's no precedent of an airplane totally going poof due to a high speed impact crash! Where were the engines, seats, fabrics and heavier metallic objects like silverware? Moreover, where were the bodies?

Though it's not based on hard evidence, to me the most obvious item of the Bushwhackers' involvement in 9/11 is their refusal of an immediate investigation. All major American tragedies have begun with as much. Human nature dictates it. It took well over a year to begin one on the biggest attack (in terms of civilian deaths) in our history. Even the most fervent right wing zealots would agree to immediate (real) answers if they otherwise weren't guilty of mass murder.

WTC 7 was the most obvious CD (controlled demolition) of all time, with tell-tale crimp in the middle, that I don't need to say any more.

The twin towers came down with an unnaturally immense force. [The best (Internet) film I've seen is 9/11 Mysteries. Google Video has the entire 1.5 hours]. An unbelievable cloud of pulverized everything, for example, flung a steel beam twice the weight of a 767 a few blocks that impaled itself into a building. There was a beam bent into a U shape that had no stress fractures - clear anomaly. The ground was too hot for 8 weeks or more; melting rubber boots. Pretty obviously bigger "guns" than burning kerosene.

By inside job, that doesn't necessarily mean the government we know had the most active role. For all we know nonhumans were involved. Famed witness William Rodriguez and then, more vividly, some other guy in the film reported strange banging, clanging, construction-type sounds in the weeks/months prior to 9/11.

Anyone remember the dancing and hooting Israelis in New Jersey? The list goes on. You get the idea: It's time for real answers and justice. Cheers to Canadian MP Libby Davies for getting the first 9/11 (desired) truth petition discusssed in Parliament!

Again I refer to Forgiveness and, moreover, other entries in emphasis of the need to forsake the eye-for-an-eye mentality.

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