Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Clean Off"

I have to admit I have a Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) fantasy. This is assuming our illustrious President is as dead inside a brutal monster who can only comprehend brutality (and nothing else or effectively) as he very much appears to be. If that's wrong, disregard the rest. The fantasy is that I approach Bush with a loaded Magnum (like Dirty Harry), only instead of saying "punk," I ask the famous question in this way: Feel lucky, punkass (emphasizing the latter syllable)? (I refer to the popular bumpersticker that says "Bush is a punkass chump"). And he certainly wouldn't leave the encounter alive. I might even, like Detective Callahan, explain the power of the gun; telling him how it can blow his fucking head "clean off" (then actually does).

Cheers to Dennis Kucinich for introducing the 35 Articles of Impeachment in the House. Better late than never. Here's hoping it works this time. (Too early to tell as of this writing). I was reading an ATS thread on the subject when a poster, jaded, and quite understandably so, remarked that Impeachment will take so long that ol' Punkass will be able to escape to his property in Paraguay beforehand. If so, then I need to be as frank as I can about how much I support his not getting away with running away. Assassination would be the only way I can conceive to accomplish that. (Need to be crystals that I mean only if he attempts to escape to Paraguay or elsewhere outside the US). Since when does an American President have to leave the country (to live in another that doesn't extradite criminals)? Since goddamn never, and never will, if at all possible.

I suppose I need to remind (again) how love, forgiveness, clean slates, no punishments etc. should prevail. I'm just not naive enough to believe everyone - particularly the most hardcore right wing powerbrokers - is receptive or capable of such logic, intelligence. The hopelessly brutal simply can't register anything but brutality. They're effectively more like machines than living beings. So in whatever ways civilized acts/concepts won't work on Bush (or perhaps Cheney or whatever other political ubervampires), and for whatever crimes in which he is/they are in need of justice, this is my formal endorsement of whatever justice that actually works.

Face it, murdering George W. Bush (if necessary) isn't even in the same universe as murdering JFK or Lincoln. Job title alone doesn't qualify as similarity.

I'm not exactly optimistic that Kucinich can get far enough along in the impeachment process this late in the game, but at least it can (or could?) be a start in Bush's post-Presidential justice process. (That's assuming there won't be a breakthrough in the meantime). And it's obvious the real reason why impeachment hasn't been successful yet is because too many of those in Congress know more about what's really going on than they admit to.

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