Tuesday, June 10, 2008

THE Shizzle UFO Video!

Strange how the majority of those who frequent the "alternative" web discussion sites wouldn't know truth if it danced naked in front of them while whistling Stars and Stripes Forever. I started a thread on unexplained-mysteries.com (UM) of the same name as this entry. Name there is SphericalMiracle. This was the result of a petered-out thread on ATS (of virtually the same title as the video). Here's the lead post:

Any frozen frame shows that there isn't anything connecting the 2 objects like a balloon. In the first sequence they're closer together, but clearly not connected. Could they be holograms?:


(or search YouTube for "an UFO capturing another UFO")

Text is in Portuguese, but the most important info is that the cameraman's 2-year-old daughter alerted him to it.

One has to listen for the emotion of it. The girl giggles right after his hands start shaking! No f-ing doubt most of us likewise shake if witnessing that. His sigh or exhale and breathing at the end definitely match.

Of course we're to believe the reason the film ends where it does is because the objects vanished when he looked away (as opposed to floating away like balloons). How difficult is it to CGI with shaky hands filming? Alert the "mainstream" (corporate) media now, if no one can prove it fake!! (end post)

My first reply acknowledged that the unreal quality of the blurry shapeshifting apparently points to the holographic, just-for-show model.

The best reply was the last one (or so far?) by bee (from England):

What a brilliant find......

I've got a lap-top with the square mouse on it....don't know if you can do this with a seperate mouse....but I can tap the mouse and get 5 freeze frames in for every second.
(ie stopping and starting the video....)

Go through the whole thing doing this and it gets VERY interesting.

At the beginning the 2 'things' seem together...
0.51...they are broken apart...2 bright 'things'.
0.52...a sphere in the middle of one...the one on right side turns into more complicated shape, with
straight edge toward the 'sphere' one.
0.53...it's as if the little bright sphere from the one on left has broken out and gone onto the one on right.
0.56...the one on the right side now seems to have a green shape attatched to it.
1.00...there's an amazing frame during this second, where the left side one is like a crescent moon
with a little sphere on it's right....and the 'thing' on the right looks like a green phoenix shape..!!!
1.01...on one frame it looks like there are 'stripes' on the one on the right.
1.16..at some point in this second, there seems to be a dark line/shape connecting the 2 'things'
Now the 2 shapes are...one dark (which moves below) and one bright...like a sphere with a
bright patch on it...that faces the darker shape.
1.36...the dark one changes into an arrow type shape....and sometimes more of a triangle....this carries on
with the sphere one and the dark arrow/triangle one....moving around, separate, but together.

I don't think this is a 'fake' video....but I don't know what it is showing....hologram? plasma? UFO?

One thing for sure.....these 'things' are seperate but connected-by-their-movements.

This is truly an incredible video.....but you've got to slow it right down to see why....

cheers... SphericalMiracle..... (end post)

Of course the tragedy is the thread is already drowned, buried (off the first page) on the board. The irony is that ignorance isn't really bliss.

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