Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quarantined Xenophobes

The title is practically in the "need I say more?" file. Of course it refers to the dominant mentality of today; not every human being. Not everyone is xenophobic (afraid of Contact with intelligent nonhumans in this context), but we're all quarantined along with the ones with flimsy eggshell psyches (based on mere beliefs and not facts) responsible for it. The Prime Directive is real, in accordance with the very apparently overwhelming evidence in support of there never being any overt, handed-on-a-silver-platter intervention by (a) nonhuman(s), and we're simply quarantined by the more civilized beings. "They can watch the animals in the zoo, but that doesn't mean they want to get in their cages." And the animals have all the free will in the universe to destroy themselves; or effectively or very nearly so (seemingly by way of destroying the physical environment or primarily) as only they/you (to whom it applies) can choose.

Problem is, the quarantine isn't 100%, as there very apparently are nonhuman beings who are merely technologically advanced interacting with certain humans, but they're morally/spiritually on par with the lower mentality (military in this case) segment of humanity. I believe the facts in the Gary McKinnon case are as they appear. (See Off-Planet Military). He simply hacked into NASA's (and/or the Department of Defense's) classified database of "Non-Terrestrial Officers" and discovered there are, in fact, real life "Klingon" warmongers/thugs secretly operating off-planet; and perhaps have been for a long time.

The inability to get past government-by-secrecy is the reason (or by far primary one) why this "civilization" has been quarantined from advancing into the greater cosmic community. The Prime Directive (or whatever it's actually called) is the basis. The key is in knowing where the secrecy really lies and who's really responsible for it. Here's a recent post of mine (edited for clarity) on an ATS thread regarding the predictable Alex Jones cult-type routine of misplacing the blame/responsibility for the secrecy:

Sorry to be the dissenting voice here (or so far), but I don't buy for a second that actual policy is made by anyone outside of official government entities. In the US that entity is the National Security State (NSS) and no one else. We've been caught in their grip (and only theirs) since the National Security Act of 1947. Groups like Bilderberg, CFR and Trilateral, and especially that ever-vague, maddeningly ill-defined entity the Illuminati, are only "think tanks" that have influence on policy, but if one is looking to place blame for all the world's problems (other than on themselves for actively or passively supporting secrecy), look no further than the construct of actual government. They alone are the ones who control the literally untold mega-billions of the Black Budget and the uber-insane level of military spending. It's all in the money - the real God of the vampires. All the other groups are just bozos who get together and eat, drink and talk. (end post)

On a personal note, here's hoping I'm able to avoid the most repetitive items of my blogging. I'll try to make further topics as unique as possible. I'm trying to focus more on music than blogging nowadays anyway...

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