Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank You, MUFON!

... for the report on the radar evidence of the Stephenville-Dublin (TX) unidentified craft last January 8. Simply, whatever it was, it was very big and fast. No question that it was a solid object... Or could holograms (or the like?) possibly produce the same effect as actual radar returns? If so, wtf purpose would there be in creating such an illusion, and who would be so low and creepy as to perpetrate it?

This is bonafide (radar) evidence of a bonafide anomaly. As the Force is/will be with our community of truth and freedom-lovers, let this revelation be the beginning of real truth and freedom. The sooner the whole ball of wax (or as much of it as possible) can be made evident the better. Let this official MUFON document begin the process of that which surpasses all things discussed on the (public) web - that which is now considered above above top secret. Could this be the beginning of the end of rule by secrecy? Are we soon enough getting the transparency we deserve?

Here's the entire Adobe/pdf file:

Of course I'm not holding my breath. I'm not exactly all cloud 9 and starry-eyed; at least yet. I just feel I have more reason for optimism now than probably ever before... Of course there's not a peep about this in the lamestream media (except Larry King). "Heaven" forbid they divulge anything that deviates from the daily pathological/pathetic routine. Who knows how long it will take for any real progress to be made; if ever? I'm keeping hope alive anyway...

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