Thursday, July 17, 2008


The Alex Jones, David Icke and Jeff Rense schools of conspiracy research all say, basically, with a few differences here and there, the same thing: Humanity is the hapless, helpless victims of (a) secret organization(s) of puppetmasters who control everything. Included in this shadowy world are names like Illuminati, Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations etc. In other words the actual government structure and policies (and huge monetary budgets/resources) themselves are, in popular (and I dare say mainstream) conspiracy language, of no relevance when compared to the allegedly omnipotent behind-the-scenes, nameless, faceless men (and women?) behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz who control all governments (or close enough). They claim the goal of the faceless controllers is to form a (totalitarian-by-definition) one-world government; via its regional components. This is despite the staggering lack of popular support for such an unimaginably Centralized entity in any given nation.

I'll concede that there's probably a certain amount of influence on government policies by the private "think tank" groups like Bilderberg, but does Bilderberg have access to the literally untold billions of Black Budget dollars that the official, actual government (National Security State, in US terms) has? Hell no. In this hideous excuse of a sociopolitical paradigm we live in (at least now), unfortunately, those who have (or control) the most money have the most power. Everyone else is (at least effectively) all talk, no action.

The real issue in (utter, ubertotalitarian) rule by secrecy is (effectively) everyone's comfort level with the entire concept of government as we know it. People need to look inward, not point fingers elsewhere (especially at those who aren't specifically defined), to determine who's responsible for the secrecy; the basis of government today. It's only We the People. The very same people who shout "New World Order, Bilderberg, Illuminati (etc.)" the loudest are the same ones who can't register or truly internalize what their own real, tangible government is actually made of. It's the damnedest, most frustrating irony! They're effectively completely mentally blocked.

It's the lack of openness, transparency, honesty in the (apparent) majority of ordinary people that's the real problem. Effectively no one is willing to challenge the entire secrecy-based concept of government itself. So on one hand we have the totally brainwashed "sheeple" who won't listen to, talk or think about anything outside what the government and lamestream media feed them, and on the other, there are the, yes, mainstream conspiracy shouters who completely misidentify the source of the (secrecy-based) problem(s)... Oh, how the joy never ends!

I'm not saying the standard anti-conspiracy preachers' (like Jones, Icke and Rense) "party line" is all wrong. For instance, I agree with David Icke's conclusion of "problem, reaction, solution" employed by the (at least current) powers that be. There plainly is an entirely brutal and uncivilized Orwellian system in place, and the pathocrats will stop at nothing in their desperate clinging to power, but the underlying problem of secrecy itself goes much deeper than pointing fingers at unidentified shadowy rulers. I just can't buy, rightly or wrongly, that the fascist police state tendencies of recent years are the product of anyone else but official government channels.

The solution, if one is to be found, is for everyone to accept personal responsibility for the entire political system one allows. The solution, if applicable, will be a spiritual one (that I've mentioned previously) outside of and completely above mere politics. Look within and open up. Question all you believe to be "normal" or at least unavoidable. Fear not the truth; however unexplored it is. (That includes everything no one is discussing openly now).

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