Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Islam the Joke

I've done a fairly bang-up job of beating the crap out of monotheism in general in my bloggage, and my opposition to Christianity and Judaism is obvious, but a good critique of Islam requires a different angle. This is because, assuming the whole story of Mohammed's mountain-climbing and cave-visiting encounters with the alleged Archangel Gabriel can't somehow be proven a hoax from the get-go, reasonable people can assume that he did, in fact, meet with (a) human-looking being(s) who had access to some kind of higher technology and/or methodology than the locals of the time. Said being as a representative of the single Creator of the universe, however, has no basis in rational thought. Everything has a normal, scientific explanation; regardless of the lack of specific terminology as yet.

Btw, and forgive my lack of Muslim knowledge, but I have trouble understanding how Mohammed is considered a Prophet. Isn't prophecy foreknowledge? Are there any (solid enough) predictions of the future attributed to the big M? Or I suppose it's a wider, looser interpretation of prophecy that includes any conduit to a higher power. (Higher doesn't necessarily mean morally higher or high enough).

Let's get real. The Gabriel (or "Gabriel") person representing the alleged Creator of Everything is the flimsiest excuse for rationality-sanity ever. This is supposedly the same creature as the Old Testament one who created the sky as an ocean with windows (or words to that effect). Yeah, there's an explanation, alright. Then, many centuries later, either the same (I'm guessing) time-traveling human(s) or hybrid(s) or a newer generation of (rogue-by-definition) trickster(s) performed an updated version of the "creation" bamboozlement upon the hapless Mr. M. This time he or they made him recite, at the outset, some gobbledygook about humans being made from clots of blood.

Clots of whose blood? Was it a cloning project derived from Cro Magnons or the "Missing Link?" How do they square that with the old Eve= Adam's rib malarky? Good Christ (no pun intended) the psychosis knows no end.

I believe the person Mohammed encountered either was actually more than one person; or one highly mentally unbalanced, schizoid man. The Quran, like any religious text, has a certain amount of real wisdom and beauty, but there's too much of the pathocratic "slay the infidel" mentality (or similar backwardness) to be indicative of a (basically or mostly) benign or benevolent power. He was or they were simply too much the mercurial schizotype(s) for any due respect by reasonably intelligent and moral (truly civilized) people. The fact that Islam began with bloody fighting doesn't lend any "meat" to its legitimacy.

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