Thursday, July 24, 2008


I've just had an epiphany of a primary reason why my life is stuck in neutral: I've been unwilling to formally authorize (at least in my own mind) whatever it really takes to make the (very apparently) necessary changes upon humanity and Earth. It's certainly something or things that, if I knew specifically what it is/they are, I wouldn't be able today to issue the official Order. I've been indescribably weakened in the too-solitary world I've been living in (long story). I've been too naively in my ivory tower preaching common sense and civilized solutions, and make no mistake that I believe as much is possible; but seemingly improbable.

Need to go on the record that I consider it a lot more moral for a gargantuan armada of nonhuman invaders to kill (using, we can assume, weapons of the most expediently humane-as-possible and efficient technology) as many human beings as necessary than for humans to (eventually) destroy themselves/ourselves in (a) who-knows-what horrifying way(s) in the current model of industry and population explosion. There are, most liberally, only 2 or 3 centuries tops (and perhaps screamingly less time) left of such blind nonsense... Besides ET invasion/intervention, I equally support any and all mundane and other agents necessary for Purification, as long as there are enough humans, with enough genetic diversity, living after all the dust has settled. There's no lack of will here. Let's get it over with.

Remember the spiritual way, avoid punishments etc. Again, have the greatest faith of all: faith in the triumph of reason, that cooler heads will prevail. All the religions in the world combined can't hold a candle to that faith... If my pursuit of truth (as I see it) turns out to be sheer mental illness, then may my folly somehow help bring forth whatever logical-moral improvements that can prevent such pathology.

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