Saturday, August 2, 2008


I can't make any promises, but I'm hoping this is my last blog entry; at least of the typical subject matter. Odds are it won't be, so it seems...

It has, at longest last, finally and permanently dawned on me to throw in the towel. The situation is clear: Religious and/or secular/political, the human race is in the state it is because (mere) beliefs are infinitely valued over facts. Oh sure, low to midrange, entirely mundane facts are always as welcome as can be, but "Heaven" forbid there be any real breakthroughs in science, sociology, politics, spirituality. Or I'm pretty damn certain nothing of any real substance will manifest at least in my lifetime. Changing the world as we know it isn't something I can ever actually, seriously be a part of working toward, aspiring to or anticipating in any way. Ignorance simply rules on this rock far beyond what any words can express.

To be sure I'm not talking about the entirety of humanity; but certainly the vast majority. Said majority is addicted like the ultimate crackheads of the universe to secrecy-based government(s) and whatever other Moronia like the "mainstream" media. Or they're/you're very apparently hopelessly addicted to beliefs, beliefs and more beliefs only (or effectively)... I'm finally giving up, "packing it in."

Yes, I'm a truly different sort. My soul type or whatever it is that comprises my personality is so tremendously different from the vast majority of people here that it's at least effectively immeasurable. To paraphrase part of a previous entry last December (titled Minority?), I do consider my life here a mission and not a punishment; however punishing the mission very often is or has been. "Phone home!"

Nothing would please me more than for this entry to be proven wrong, but such proof, I guarantee, will never be up to me, or "God," or whomever or whatever else of the unseen/undefined. Guess who that leaves? Again, Prime Directive. Tough love. Get used to it. Go ahead and screw yourselves into oblivion as only you can choose; if applicable. Any sudden, violent-by-definition depopulation of the human race, initiated by humans or not, is or would be the responsibility of only people who have (apparently already) waited too long to speak out and take action. Arriverderci.

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