Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spastic Crap Devil Nightmare

This is (also) posted on the MySpace music page /lightworth. It's much-needed levity in the gravity of this blog as well.

For my initial priority (and more serious male and female vocal) work I thankfully choose not to go into specifics of the overall visions; as to avoid that which even resembles the pompously boring. Needless to say I hope the right person/people will respond to my profile here. Male vocal project is called The Lightworth Directive, and the female vocal is either The Lightworth Coven or something else... The title is the second male vocal album of leftovers accumulated over the years; with as much emphasis on the recent as possible. Don't worry, obviously a such-titled album has to have enough artistic merit...

In my particularly recent spirit of blog-as-therapy, I'm compelled to admit the genesis of the title. It's based on a major poop accident I had in November, '93 (that most thankfully was at home). Let's just say the bummer factor was rather magnified by the (strangely) fully-carpeted floor of the downstairs bathroom where I lived at the time... I actually now consider it, in whatever part, an omen of the job I'd just started (at basically or exactly the same time) that was largely crappy and ended very crappily 7 years later. (long and strange story I reserve for my autobiography or biography)

Mercifully changing the subject, the additional title of this is BFP (brilliant fucking pop), but I'm in a more purely sensationalistic and (strangely) self-promoting mood at least today.

I long for the day, as I'm convinced will come, at least eventually, per evolution being stronger than devolution, when BFP will have a renaissance; being the primary soundtrack of pop culture in general. Of course one gets helpings of pop genius in treats like Sara Bareilles' Love Song however often, but I'm talking about a veritable or actual myriad of the kind of songwriting that would make Andy Partridge (XTC) drool, whether he would or wouldn't be a contributer to the sonic revolution. It seems guaranteed that such a revolution would have to be in tandem with politically more evolved times than now...

Naturally I wouldn't be making this analysis if I wasn't a worthy enough contributer. The best song I wrote in '08, easily one of the top 3 to 5 overall (and my current first or second favorite), is The Lightworth Directive's Funny Bone. Guaranteed huge hit; or should be.

Honestly the distinction between BF pop and rock is often indistinguishable, and one doesn't have to have the melodic and harmonic razzle-dazzle to make a hit. I also envision BFR anthems on par with Tom Petty's Running Down a Dream.

I also have to confess that, though my profile (about Lightworth) doesn't specify it, I'm probably looking for younger musicians and singers - 18 to early 20s. They/you need to be without songwriters' egos; whatever age. This is also because, sadly, of the (still) too-prevalently shallow Simon Cowell-like ageist mentality... And true that there is a certain validity to youthful energy being more able to deliver/sell something anyway. Peace out and happy new year. (12/27)

Yep, OK, I admit this sensationalistically-titled album idea (of the lesser leftovers, or mostly, after the serious work) might just be a temporarily manic brainfart, but the real purpose of this admittedly quixotic writing is to establish myself, at long last, in this (Blogspot/Blogger) blog, in specific enough language, as my only real identity outside being an unconventional teacher in general - a songwriter. Songwriting is effectively my only competence; or the only one that isn't soul-killing. Other than being part of some kind of truly effective/meaningful political action that actually yields the best possible results, I'm at least now unmotivated toward anything else but songwriting... and composing (instrumentals). (12/29)

Actually as of not too long after the above I'm pretty sure I'm titling said album (if it's ever made) robot head on the moon (all lower case). I have faith in Richard Hoagland and Gary McKinnon and others that the secret space program will be exposed. tidings of comfort and joy (1/25/09)

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