Sunday, December 14, 2008


This isn't a whopping-massive breakthrough referred to in the previous entry. You'll know it when (or if) you see it. This is, however, a substantial enough breakthrough itself; perhaps more whopping than I now realize. It's largely what I've been needing to write particularly for a couple or so months now (and really longer); but have been previously unable to find enough right words to begin.

I've briefly or very briefly mentioned forgiveness/clean slates a few or several times in the blog, but I've yet to expand in the best way I can in words what the concept really means to me. In short (or to paraphrase what I wrote in the first entry), since we're living in a twisted, inferior Matrix (at least effectively), it's time to rewrite the presumably metaphorical software and give everyone a fresh start. We know not what we do (to whatever highly significant extent) only because we haven't been programmed differently. It's time to give everyone, including one's self, a break, due to the very existence of the too-flawed system, and move on like civilized enough people.

There's no question that (formal) Contact with advanced (enough) beings will be a shock to the current system, but there's no real or certainly good reason for there to be anything to the effect of the maximum horror level of devastation resulting from it. There's a right way and a wrong way to absorb the shock.

Yessireebobtailcat, the shock (to the extent there's only one) will or would be, most essentially, the unconditional end of organized religions; at least to the point of their having absolutely any influence in government-politics.

The shock will be big enough for, initially, the vast majority (and all as quickly as possible) of us to take a mandatory time off, vacation, regrouping/reprogramming. A very thorough, truly long enough Vacation is the exact spiritual-psychological-intellectual medicine we need. We simply deserve nothing less. It's forgiveness/clean slates, love, best defined.

As I see it, we'll need an economic adjustment period where money will be worthless, if value to currency is (eventually or soon) to be reinstated. Per the mandatory Vacation policy, each individual, sovereign nation initially will need to have a rotating workforce providing, at least primarily by far, only the basics: food, clothing, housing/lodging, health care, fuel/energy, transportation and the recreational basics like alcohol, tobacco, and yes, marijuana. This can be accomplished by, finally, acknowledging that life is, in truly objective reality, based on resources and labor; not money. And I'm convinced there will always be enough people who have enough intellect and ingenuity for us to be able to possess or consume enough of the finer, special material things before we begin resembling anything of a Stalinistic dull-drab factory nature.

Who's to say there definitely couldn't be nonhumans (or advanced extraplanetary humans) who could give us a huge boost in, say, health care?

I believe we're as ready for the Whole Truth now as we will be in a century or more from now. This is because, despite certain impassioned opinions to the contrary, the essential base of ignorance/denial will remain constant, or enough so, only until something and/or someone comes along to topple its house of cards in no uncertain terms. Evolution, which includes consciousness, wins every time.

Any too-large-scale freaking out due to the simple verification of the existence of advanced (currently unexplained) science is strictly a vigorously enforced, highly concerted effort of a choice that need not be made.

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