Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ideal Concept of "God"

I'm (obviously) not interested in the notion of a Single Creator of at least this universe; especially one who oh-so-conveniently happens to look like a human. I believe He, She or It who/that would qualify as a Supreme Being over the human race (on Earth) would do so with much more modest requirements. Simply, said Being would have to be immortal and (at least primarily) responsible for the creation of at least (Earth-based) humanity.

This person could incarnate however often in human form; with or without knowledge of his or her true identity.

That solution, if true, would be the sure balance between the extremes of absolute religion (particularly monotheism) and absolute-or-traditional atheism.

As mentioned in the first entry and, in whatever words, a couple or so others, the G word (upper and lower case) has been absolute slave race poison to us; or closely enough to absolute. We're all intelligent beings. Grow up and deal with it, to those who need to.

In a world with a minimally competently intelligent species in charge (of which I'm not convinced can't happen before it's too late), all the new knowledge/science/truths we can acquire as quickly as possible the better. That's what any Supreme Being/Creator (if applicable) worthy of the appellation wants or would want of us. The greater the overall population, the greater the damages to communities/populations in various cataclysms. In addition to the usual pollution and depletion issues, now we have earthquake swarms in Yellowstone National Park (supervolcano) to fret over; for example. One would think a worthy enough intelligent species would jump at the chance of obtaining enough real meaning in its existence in the face of all the darkness.

Inaction isn't an option; or the right one. The real objective isn't for me or anyone even somewhat like me to miraculously make the more complicated or involved aspects of the unexplained known right off the bat. It's for there to be enough openness in the overall population to begin the process (such as having enough in-depth discussion-exposure of UFOs) and get the fundamentals out of the way first. Either that or, as I mentioned in an entry some time ago, it's for an ordinary, neutral enough person (which doesn't include me) to expose the more advanced (or otherwise shockingly unrevealed) stuff at the outset or closely enough.

All that's aside from Major League Shit Hitting Fans, if applicable, in whatever ways coming up soon enough; if not right away. A very painful birthing process of the next paradigm is or would be, as I'm convinced history will prove, at least ultimately your collective choice.

Again, Prime Directive, tough love, get used to it. (The PD doesn’t mean absolutely no involvement, just absolutely no absolute proof). (1/4)

I'm open to the apparent possibility of there being some kind of Single Creator; at least of the human race (who would really be merely a modifier of the Neanderthal or "Missing Link"). Monotheism, in all its forms (popular and not), however, plainly has zero to do with the existence, if true, of the being (at least primarily) responsible for humanity's existence. Its 3 Abrahamic branches, the original Unholy Trinity, are about, primarily enough, fear and ignorance, anti-truth, pro-secrecy, status quo. Astronomically more than anything else, religion in general and, with far more insane zeal per capita than the rest, monotheism in particular, is what is preventing the indescribably-needed scientific advancement through Contact-Disclosure. The whole government-as-we-know-it secrecy apparatus is primarily about coddling and sheltering their/your most fragile ever egos.

"The only difference between a religion and a cult is the amount of real estate they own." (Frank Zappa) (1/7)

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