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This is an unpleasant area about which has been difficult to begin writing. Without any specifics of the March 6, 2000 experience, this basically picks up where History of Experiences leaves off. As it happens, my 2 longest symptoms began right after that dark experience (the first of 3 of its kind): pain in the front right pelvic area and a foul, infection "cheese"-tasting secretion in the throat. For the past 3 to 4 years there's been (occasionally) a sharper version of the pain along with the (originally) duller but more persistent type, and since late July, '06, when the mysterious infection began to burn off (and still is doing so), the putrid taste has been sharper, more concentrated, but not as constant as the original version. Lately, however, that observation is closer to being proven wrong.

This isn't the full roster of symptoms. manifestations and related items. I refer to the entry Army of Mars, the early-to-middle part, written December, '07, for more of the account; or the blog version of it. Much of it is reiterated and explained here, and my first mention of the infection was in Diagnoses (September, '07).

Bottom line is, though there are strange aspects of this condition or illness, there's enough physical evidence to show it's not hallucinated or psychosomatic, even though, as I've admitted, there have been a few or several minor enough hallucinations and visions (with at least some psychic value) associated with the (very apparent) brain infection that are clearly enough not schizophrenia-based. Most essential strangeness is: My worst symptoms are on (most) Saturdays. I have severe body aches and sensitivity, mild to moderate nausea, headache and a swimming, bubble or pressure-like subtle dizziness; or a few combinations thereof particularly on that day.

The localized pain in the right temple area (that I've had since early '05) has been worse overall in recent days/weeks/months. This isn't a primarily Saturday symptom for a long time now. Body aches, like every joint is on fire and/or too much sensitivity-weakness mostly in the extremities, occur mostly after meals, with and without nausea, and, lately (again), in the morning during the first hour or so at work (weekdays). Actually weekday and weekend symptoms are becoming more blurred the last few months or so.

Regarding evidence, I recently bought a pair of (luckily inexpensive) sneakers on a Saturday. By Monday evening, shortly before leaving work, I noticed a trace of stink coming from them (while at my desk). By Tuesday afternoon the stench was very obvious. Yes, my feet are draining very ammonia-smelling ooze that makes the socks stick like velcro. Too often it takes some real "elbow grease" to peel them off. It's been happening since late summer or early fall of '07; probably on more days than not.

It's definitely not a fungus or anything external that's cultivated on the bottom of my feet. There are white scaly, loose skin areas (though not after sleeping, as far as I can tell), and the sticky fluid adheres strongest in those spots; as evidenced by the crustiest parts of the socks after drying (by the next morning). Other than that there are a few odd red areas. It's clearly drainage from the bodily infection that I'm certain is based on the brain.

I had a blood test (for HIV, syphilis and chlamydia) at a clinic last May where I was told I had a high white count "for a man." (I can blow that one off, and of course I didn't go into the real cause of it). Why would the only test I've had since, oddly enough, very shortly before the infection began to burn (not counting the blood work before my melanoma surgery on September 1, '06) indicate in any way a higher than normal white count? Why wouldn't I have been told previously if it's congenital? There have been enough opportunities.

The brain burn began on the morning of July 26, '06. That's the first time I had a sweat-drenched pillow (only); or in the biggest ever way. It happens more often in the warmer months, which in Austin is most of the year (and we haven't had a truly strong blast of cold-ass weather in 2 years or arguably longer). It's very gross; needless to say. This past summer there were a few or several weeks of the heaviest imaginable soakings. Also more noticeable during sweatier months is a cheesy smell (though not every day) behind and by the top of the left ear. Sometime before August, '06 the foul film (that attaches quite well to the fingertip) was behind both ears for a few years.

The acute head pain is almost always on the right side, but occasionally, particularly in recent months, I've felt it in the opposite temple area. More often it's a persistent (localized) ache on the right that's less stabbing than the most acute random (or apparently so) flashes. Strangely enough I've just now fully realized that, for at least the past few or several weeks, Thursday seems to be the main day (or most are) for constant head pain.

I've been more sensitive to cold since late '05; sometimes extremely so. I went over a year (since late November, '07) without the convulsive shivering when the skin touches the too cold sheets, but I've had 2 such episodes this month. Am now keeping the heavy (Army) blanket at arm's reach.

I've had a few unsuccessful doctor visits, particularly in the last 2 months of 2000 when the original symptoms persisted unbelievably, insanely long (since early March). See Army of Mars about my early '05 medical nightmare. It isn't exactly a stretch to discern the possibility of my becoming another statistic of the freethinking radical (and other people who know too much) dying mysteriously enough.

That orta do it; or well enough. I have absolutely no reason to believe the infection is contagious. peace, cheers and tidings of comfort and joy

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