Saturday, February 7, 2009

Power & Abductions etc.

Dammit, I've been trying to avoid the most repetitive items of the blog, but dammit, I've come up with the best synopsis of my position on the issue anyway (with new material following):

There is no at least purely Earthly power that can change this world for the better. Governments and religions (and obviously media) are all about maintaining the status quo (inferior-punkass Matrix). Power emanates from energy/power. Everything begins with thinking and feeling differently-better; which generates new and far better energy. Though I rightly or wrongly hope I'm wrong, I don't see Contact with (obviously the right) nonhumans happening (in a civilized enough way) without enough hearts and minds behind it. As it stands now, I believe they will show up only after humanity has had enough free will to screw itself, or otherwise be unexpectedly screwed, into presumably virtual oblivion. The current system/Matrix is too monolithic to expect otherwise. The Matrix, whether figurative or literal, is the same effect.

On generating new-to-us energy (that certainly isn't purely of Earth or as we know it) and therefore taking power (anew), see the part of the first entry (Breakthrough If You Want It) about collective meditation. Probably the strongest thing I believe is that that action is like the main AA/NA motto: It works if you work it. Again, no one can be made to give a damn. Yes, Contact-Disclosure will entail revealing certain dirty little (or big) secrets no one is mentioning anywhere (publicly). Grow up, deal with it, and get a new hobby or 2... or more.

How, one probably is asking, can free will be responsible for the unexpected (of all kinds), where basically everything then becomes reactive for however long? It's all in how the science of forecasting (in all areas) in particular (along with much other science) could have been immensely improved as long ago as 1947 and perhaps earlier. The perpetuation of the National Security State, the impediment to real progress/knowledge of all time (at least in American terms), is only a collective choice. Whoever with any kind of authority ever said free will, freedom to choose doesn't come with responsibility; an unavoidably necessary price? Moreover, that goes for blind consumerism coupled with astronomical population growth (free will run amok) since 1938 in general, for which the NSS is the vanguard or primary one of the madness.

To paraphrase something I mentioned in Diagnoses (5th entry), the cultist-idolater mentality covers the secular as much as religious. Too many are too religiously brainwashed in all (known) areas of thought. Will there ever be enough who are more interested in facts than beliefs? If so, therein lies the only true way to true power of, by and for the people.

It recently occurred to me that I've yet to elucidate my overall take on abductions (CE4s or close encounters of the 4th kind) and related phenomena. In short, I believe 2 things to be true: There is thievery of human genetic material and other physical resources like fetuses, and there are, at least enough so, beings who want us to formally reach out to them so as to either completely stop, period, such activity, or work with them openly and honestly in preserving (and enhancing?) their species.

I believe cattle mutilations/exsanguinations are part of the same genetic agenda, though there could be more to it than that.

Crop formations (not just circles), the truly mysterious ones that pop up overnight (and meet the 3 or so physical requirements of the anomalous), are less clear in origin. They could be nonhuman or, as I'm leaning toward these days (rightly or wrongly), human with undisclosed technology and/or method. (Come to think of it, for all I know, it's possible the entire Human Abduction Syndrome could be human "sleight of hand"). There were a couple formations awhile back that now strike me as artwork that comes from only the human mind. One is clearly, to me, the granddaddy of them all: the alien head next to the disk with the message written in ASC2 computer language. It's a very rare language very few humans know; but human nonetheless. The other example was one that was a diagram of the 7 chakras. (That one I'm not sure was verifiably anomalous). Things religiously-based tend to reek (if you will) of humanity. Sorry to disappoint (where applicable), and I admit I could be wrong.

I have an update on perspective on my recurring experience (the mysterious arrangement of bedding), because I had another episode on February 1; the first since September, '07. (See Experiences; November 2). Without any details, the particularly bizarre bedding arrangement this time left me, particularly initially, with a bad, humiliated feeling.

Is it possible there have been 2 very different types of unseen beings involved with me? Could they somehow all be of the darker side? I don't have solid reason to believe the people/beings of the latest instance were at least primarily malevolent. Whatever the case, my real community remains the same. I can only identify with people/beings who are enough (which doesn't mean exactly) like me. Naturally I'm fairly lonely at least now.

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