Thursday, February 12, 2009

Towering Infernos

Actually the latest one in Beijing wasn't very towering, at 34 floors (and slightly unfinished); but towering enough. The cause was mysterious; at least as of this writing. Very interestingly it happened during a fireworks display that was the celebration of the Lunar New Year... I first learned about it where I get most of my (real or closer to real) news: ATS ( Of course it was in the context of a 9/11 comparison. Thread title is Entire Building on Fire Does Not Collapse-Beijing

Someone mentioned something early on (or fairly so) in the thread that really intrigued me (and I paraphrase): It's conceivable that part of the stolen-discarded evidence of the twin towers' (melted and other) steel (all of which went to China) could have been used in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (or what was to be). Of course with my history of high (enough) strangeness, I have to admit this:

If there really was WTC steel used in that building, and/or the fire was somehow caused by unseen (presumably nonhuman) beings who are presumably of the same overall agenda as I am, mine is the most ringing endorsement of their act any person could give. I'll take as much tit for tat, sublimely poetic justice and whatever other treats I can, as long as we're forced to continue enduring this paradigm/system/Matrix... I have reason to believe I was psychically connected to the event closely enough to the time it happened. Monday late morning I was in a bit of a trance at work (on a smoke break) about the (totally engulfing) high rise fire in Madrid ('05); obviously in the 9/11 diatribe sense. I repeated "towering inferno" a few times. Tuesday afternoon and evening I read (part of) the ATS thread about Beijing.

For you youngsters and others unfamiliar, The Towering Inferno was the 1974 film (with quite the all-star cast) that, seemingly ironically, was O.J. Simpson's acting debut.

The 9/11 official story is that heat melts steel (regardless of what starts the blaze), by way of a mere kerosene-induced fire, and jumpin' Jesus how mighty damn quickly. Bullfuckingshit! High rise core steel stays intact when there are only flames. The huge amount of smoke (oxygen starvation) of the twin towers' (initial) attack could be called a (very sick) joke if it wasn't really a screaming sci-fi nightmare.

The towers were an unorthodox CD (controlled demolition). Compared to WTC 7, which was the classic collapse into the footprint, they somehow demolished in a backward, top-down way. We could easily be, and apparently are, looking at some kind of Black Op/military technology. They were distorted infernos that pulverized the entire structures.

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